John Gotti’s Hitman Exposes The Dark Side of Mafia



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Former Mafia enforcer John Alite does a sit down with Patrick Bet-David to talk about how he became the Gotti Family’s enforcer and how he’s still alive to talk about it. Order the book The Darkest Hour:

Order the book Gotti’s Rules

GQ Magazine article:

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48 Replies to “John Gotti’s Hitman Exposes The Dark Side of Mafia”

  1. ShinyMLG says:

    The hulks left niple is so irritating

  2. CelticBommer says:

    I've no doubt Alite is the real deal

  3. Franky White says:

    Gotta say.. For a guy who is calling all these guys rats.. And is himself… A fuckin rat. Really too bad cuz with a resume like he has he could have been a real legend. But hes just another snitch mfr. Still a good interview love all the insight into the mob life. I've been a criminal my whole life been to the pen been stabbed been shot 4 times been involved in many violent situations. Shootings stabbings and never will I ever fuckin snitch out. Rip GOTTI SR

  4. This guys voice has a certain underlying frequency that hurts my ears. So weird. Never experienced that.

  5. Tone Pope says:

    It's almost spiritual how the "real ones" exposing the lifestyle so many think they are about. From EastCoast gangs, to the mobsters, westcoast gangs and gangsta rappers. Everyone is revealing the truth.

  6. And another thing John is dead on about Sammy.

  7. Johnny A is a legit tough guy AKA the Sheriff. Why cant people understand that that was the life they chose? These guys killed their own and I can understand when he says it was like putting on a uniform.

  8. carapo66 says:

    "The Dark Side of the Mafia"? Does the Mafia have a bright side?

  9. tricky205 says:

    RICO Act killed the mafia.

  10. How are you alive? great question

  11. Katie Rae says:

    If you have to come out 40 years later to say you weren't a nobody
    You were probably a nobody

  12. Katie Rae says:

    John alite: gotta understand respect in the street

    John alite: doesn't understand respect in the street

  13. I Know says:

    Where do I begin? First off John did all talking and unbelievable name dropping left and right. He thinks he’s so smart but in reality he is the perfect example of why the mob doesn’t exist today. He not only incriminated himself and others with all the name dropping but he was talking in such a way that he was glorifying it and was trying so hard to prove that he was a member of that family and at the end of all that he would say it’s for the kids, c’mon. He also kept on saying how this one and that one never did this or did that but he did it all, Hello earth to John, isn’t that what your supposed to do when you live that life, NOT say what you do. That’s the reason why he could never be a made guy and in my opinion why the true Italians who originated that life never wanted non Italians to even be an associate of that life, Italians had a hard enough time trusting their own kind turning rat let alone NON Italians.

    It was his generation and even a decade before that was the ruination of the code. The real wise guys never talked or brought home what they did for a living and they ran it like a business, im talking about the Italians that just got off the boat in the early 1920’s all through the late 60’s. They ran the garment district, trucking, laborers unions, loan sharking, gambling, sanitation etc:

    The real down fall was when drugs got introduced to the life in the 70’s, that was the beginning of the end. The Drug sentences were harsh and everyone turned RAT. The technology was getting more sophisticated and once they got pinched, there was no more no loyalty, the respect was gone and greed set in. It all began in the late 70’s. That’s when you had founding bosses who were against drugs being whacked by these young nobodies and those nobodies are the ones who destroyed what could have been a longer run but like I said earlier with the technology today you can’t even run a lemonade stand without a proper permits, workers comp etc.. the real mob today is the local city’s, states and government. If you want to open your own legitimate business even to pick up garbage in NYC you have to go through the business integrity commission a lot of red tape and pay a minimum of 6k a year and 500 for every truck, proof of insurance proof of workers comp just to pick up garbage and before you make your first dollar you are out of your pocket 20-30k not including the cost of your tools and equipment needed to start that business, tell me that’s not a deterrent and extortion? So if anyone learned a lesson of business from the Italian mafia it was the govt. they have their hands in our pockets every minute but they do it legally. Remember one thing it was the Italian mafia who built NYC and every other major city took a learning lesson from the capital of the world NYC. So you might as well say they built this country.

    In the end if the day if you like your freedom? it’s simple, don’t do anything illegal especially in today’s world of cameras on every pole, building and person.

  14. Katie Rae says:

    Guys claim to fame is gambling with the Mets
    From the 1980s

  15. I kill people but respect the flag!! 🤔

  16. Kyle Maxwell says:

    If he’s killed all these people how is he not in prison ?? Is he a grass ?

  17. AWESOME 👏🏻……this dude is very charismatic, hard to believe he’s a stone cold killer, goes to show you never judge a book by its cover…

  18. Rudy Gullianni is a piece of shit

  19. Ralph Viola says:

    Pull this off, Jr. Alite Sammy…. round table.

  20. Sean Jackson says:

    He so happy about his past… i wonder if he realizes he's rating on himself

  21. Katie Rae says:

    This guy has obvious tells

  22. Katie Rae says:

    This guy is a fuckin rat

  23. Phony Bliar says:

    A sit down … really ? 🙂

  24. I keep reading this guy is fake, to the AF degree, in fact.

    Anyone have info that says otherwise?

  25. That is NOT Vito Genoese @ 6:29 lol

  26. Colonel Reb says:

    Bet is the most gullible mob interview guy ever

  27. Colonel Reb says:

    Louis and George Gotti from the Lucchese Family? Bahahahaha

  28. Colonel Reb says:

    Alite was introduced to Luciano as a kid. Really? Luciano died in 62 and Alite was born around 63. Hell of a memory on this guy

  29. Colonel Reb says:

    Alite was a nobody. Wasn't in the mob. A fringe drug dealer. Look at who he claims to have killed. Bruce Gotterup? Was his maiden name Corleone?

  30. Ricky Rice says:

    People need to stop giving this guy the platform to spread his lies. Hes a scam, trying to make money saleing books and shit.he was a low level drug dealer, that's it. Acting like at 20 years old he was meeting Gotti sr and other big shots in that life. Get out of here with that shit. Please don't fall for his lies. This guy can't get the Gotti name out of his mouth. Hes just trying to make money that's all. So don't help a piece of shit get rich off make believe story's.

  31. sir rom says:

    You mean the mafia has a dark side?

  32. brhino3 says:

    What's the Netflix show?

  33. "Envious people, and jealous people are dangerous people" Ain't that the fucking truth!

  34. And how is he not in prison? Fuck your "justice".

  35. Do I feel like a legitimate tough guy after this video?

    Yes i did!!

  36. Fuck they should do a movie 🎥 about this crazy Albanian mobster

  37. Just bought me a bat on Amazon! Kinda thought I would see a "John Alite" branded bat on there.

  38. John “ Do I ❤️ the smell of my own Farts – Yes I Do “ Alite

  39. A E says:

    Good informative video. One thing that always amazesd me, and has been mentioned in documentaries, is that some of these guys who turned witness, have killed more people then those listed as serial killers. I know that serial killers cant profit off their crimes, books, movies, paid interviews, etc. I wonder if these guys can.

  40. DICK'S DELI the place where you have to say No Homo every time you buy something there

  41. Good interview, he’s quite the talker. Any reason he’s still breathing?

  42. People suck you cant trust noone let a lone being in gang mob etc my mother always told me find one true friend your lucky she was absolutely right

  43. Marc Bell says:

    What's the lite side of the Mafia again?

  44. This guy could play batman, the suit is right behind him too

  45. Did I eat some Italian pizza after watching the Italian mob guy interview? Yes i did. Lol

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