kid crushes ps4 in shredder after losing fortnite.. (BIG MISTAKE)



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kid crushes ps4 in shredder after losing fortnite.. (BIG MISTAKE) Kids who took fortnite too far and even stole credit card to buy vbucks.

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49 Replies to “kid crushes ps4 in shredder after losing fortnite.. (BIG MISTAKE)”

  1. Aron Pacis says:

    Chilldren can't really understand that parents really REALLY working hard working to have a money imagine for kids they think money grows on tree but not imagine working at your inc or office or a resturant for a month and pays you a 100 dollars only ouch better go to the school before your future ruind

  2. Najma Khan says:

    My channel name is same as in the comments

  3. the last kid had a reason to be angry tho

  4. Tammie Tyack says:

    He did that for no reason ;-; or maybe a reason? ?

  5. Hector Ochoa says:

    That is 60$ control ps4 even PS3 control cost like ps4

  6. Are you kidding me. How this kid 6 he broke. Listen this. If you playing in fortnite. You die. Is just ok. 2nd

  7. Medhy wolf says:

    Only white and asian people ofc

  8. Medhy wolf says:

    Lol why are they so dumb ?

  9. On the last clip of the video… you say that it is funny how the kid rages, you seem to be abusing him. His brother is the one causing conflict… next time, be assured of what your posting with logical sense

  10. Ana Aguayo says:

    I have a ps4 im a girl and I dont care i lose i just scream

  11. wiggetta rex says:

    Why kids get so mad abut fornite its only a game

  12. Me:I DO. NOT WaNt A sPiDeR

  13. Kathleen Art says:

    I’m only watching death to troll fortnite fortnite sucks

  14. Fakiju bastur????????????????????

  15. One more comment I can click really fast but it sometimes make me tired easily and sometimes it doesn't

  16. I saw that kid laughed when he said that is not funny.

  17. Kill. Me says:

    Fortnite is kids drugs, without it, they get hella angry

  18. O commented to early but the Peace's of the thingy will come off like bread crumbs

  19. Break it into like bread crumbs

  20. Did you do that or is a pranks say yes or no please

  21. 4:11 im soory for that one guy

  22. Smart people don’t play Fortnite! Good job to people who don’t play it!

  23. AZ170 says:

    That stupid idiot what the hell just cuz hes bad at fortnite DORSNT MEAN U HAVE TO DESTROY HIS TV U IDIOT

  24. when i lose a game (not in fortnite i dont play it) and the thing i broke was a marker that was already unusable

  25. Katie Alivia says:

    4:06 you should have went in and got the killer of Don's TV and smashed it. and the killer pays for Don's tv

  26. Piper Kurtz says:

    I feel bad for that guy he was doin good then his like brother turned off the tv a lot of times

  27. No one cares about fortnite its the worst

  28. Not to be mean but does it seem mainly all fat people here are the angry ones

  29. Beth Sukle says:

    These are either scripted or just spoiled kids. Too bad the parents work so hard & the kids appreciate nothing.

  30. Lol for those who did this my goodness

  31. When he said blames it on his mouse I thought he meant a real mouse.

  32. 4:50 he said he would calm
    Him down

  33. Bruh god give these electronics to people that won’t destroy it

  34. This video is kinda advice not to play Fortnite.

  35. U need to stop saying this spider will come and do what ever because some of us are really scared of spiders

  36. Peca Chu says:

    Omg people are so opsesd with fortnight like GET OFF FORTNIGHT AND PLAY DOMENOSE OR SOMETHING

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