Live Action Viewer Interview!! (With MEAGS) | Fortnite Save the World | TeamVASH



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In this video I interview my viewers on why they love Hit the Road.

P.s Wanna play with me? We play with our viewers 18-24 hours a day at 🙂

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17 Replies to “Live Action Viewer Interview!! (With MEAGS) | Fortnite Save the World | TeamVASH”

  1. Everyone calls it a "van", but it's a pickup truck!

  2. Can’t perform this without teamwork.

  3. Folks stopped playing this with randoms.

  4. Great video!….. But I don't see people play it too much when I started searching no one but me in the lobby

  5. That thumbnail is goals

  6. Kapunology says:

    Nobody loves it. Just 'Team'vash

  7. ilbertosuave says:

    1!……………..Also can we play some time IM A HUGE FAN!!!!!!

  8. Anthony says:

    Hit the road ??


  9. Rez Dog says:

    Great thumbnail 🙂

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