Modern Warfare ALL Weapons/Guns List Confirmed (Call of Duty Modern Warfare All Weapons Leaked Info)


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Modern Warfare ALL Weapons/Guns List Confirmed (Call of Duty Modern Warfare All Weapons Leaked Info)

Today, I have a video regarding Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019 info, or COD Modern Warfare 4, whatever you want to call it. Today, I want to go over the entire Modern Warfare weapons/guns list that has been leaked to me by anonymous sources, ENJOY! 😀

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42 Replies to “Modern Warfare ALL Weapons/Guns List Confirmed (Call of Duty Modern Warfare All Weapons Leaked Info)”

  1. Shotguns, pistols, and launchers are all secondaries btw and they can have the same amount of attachments as primary weapons.

  2. Walker Burt says:

    Can we please get a mk18!

  3. Ryan Krozz says:

    Watching this gameplay makes me cringe. First, the choppy console movement. Then the low difficulty because you have no idea how to move tactically and you get lit up. You got shot so much in the first 30 seconds of the video you're either playing on "Pussy-footed softcore easy" difficulty, OR you're using unlimited health. Either way, when you make a video to spoil the next gen game, don't post horrible footage of a garbage game on a garbage platform. Jesus christ. 3/10 stars.

  4. MP7 YES – Guns I Want ACR And Intervention

  5. 0:04 Kool it does look lik MW2 On His Jacket 😀

  6. bahduncle says:

    How about a B&T APC556/223?

  7. You guys say “h” funny lol. Haytch instead of aytch.

  8. The lynx and the hk 433 are 2 different weapon systems. The hk 433 is a german modular rifle similar to the ACR or Scar 17. The CQ300 is the honey badger

  9. AK-74U fires 5.45×39, it's a bloody AR. The AUG para is a pistol calibre carbine. An AKM can not be turned into a sub machinegun. H&K 433 is NOT an AAC honey badger (lynx). The carl gustaff is a wire guided missile. Welcome to activision and not knowing how guns work

  10. Down2Game! says:

    Cod has the same guns in every cod game!!!?
    Same for WW2 guns. Have you seen these?

    F2000. SAR. L85A2. AN 74. UMP. VAL.
    M249. PKP. M60. 338. CS5. AK 5C. AKU.
    ACE 21. MTAR. MK11. M39. SCAR L.
    CZ 805. MPX. MPW. AWS. JNG. CS5.

  11. Caleb Brown says:

    Bring the thumper back!!!!

  12. MG34/MG3 shows an MG15
    PKM shows an RPD
    AS50 shows an M240B/FN MAG

    Double check your source and images. Those easily avoidable mistakes if you take a second to double check things.

  13. J Church says:

    We need:

    BARRETT 50Cal


  14. The bizon =PP90M1 im so excited.

  15. DrIVnGame says:

    My only hope is bring back scavenger perk includes lethals nd tacticals, One man army, commando, 2ndary shotguns 😊

  16. Does anybody know about the camo challenges ??

  17. Dako D says:

    No Glock or M9 for pistols?? Come on. Everyone wants to make operator or special
    Forces based games and no one uses special forces weaponry. And I guarantee it isn’t the AK-47, it’ll be the AK-74, AEK-971, or AK12

  18. Nerf Vlogs says:

    It cant be the Aug if its a smg unless its the Aug Para. there doing the same thing like tue ak74 because its a assult rifle but they call it a smg, COD is doesnt even know how to call there guns in 2019, last good COD was MWR

  19. David Boston says:

    Good game but battlefield always takes the trophy when it comes to gun options and choices

  20. Zach Attack says:

    everyone get ready to rage quit from all those noob tubers!

  21. Didn’t they say no DLC’s?

  22. yay riot shields my favorite

  23. that one kid says:

    No m9? Thats standard military issue, quite strange

  24. Yo they better put back that ACR I mean, that’s a friggin classic. Well MW2 Classic. But hey still. As ok as it is, please at the M16 as well, again, another classic.

  25. Ty Harris says:

    Aren't the marksman rifles basically snipers

  26. Pro Jody says:

    4:42 the called PUBG or Player Unkown Battle Ground im laughing what you said

  27. Mr Cool137 says:

    With weapons such as the Kar 98 and the MG-34 does that mean the "classic" weapons system from IW returning?

  28. Covinaman says:

    Had me at shield and 44 mag

  29. The carl gustav is an 84mm recoilless rifle, not a "lock on" missile system. Stupid

  30. Winchester is a brand

  31. Not a lynx it's an hk 433

  32. Sivix says:

    these are A LOT of guns…

  33. Barely anything for offline players 😪

  34. U know there is a 9mm version of aug what is more compact so I think that is a smg version of aug. Like come on that could be so easily thinked trough.

  35. Josh PYW says:


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