MW UPDATE: CROSSBOW Gameplay, New Modes, Call of Duty Modern Warfare Patch Notes


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MW Update Call of Duty Modern Warfare Crossbow Gameplay
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25 Replies to “MW UPDATE: CROSSBOW Gameplay, New Modes, Call of Duty Modern Warfare Patch Notes”

  1. Mikey Gaming says:

    Did this update break your game?
    I stream here:

  2. IgoByaGo says:

    I have the pausing on PC too.

  3. NOTCH1501 says:

    Hey Mikey you mentioned that you use a Xbox one elite
    controller on your PS4 did you ever make a video about it if so can you add the link? If not can you let me know what you used? Thanks and great videos ??

  4. Mystix Ultra says:

    Mikey complaining his game is pausing after the update I’ve had this problem since I got the game plus ground war and gun game are essentially unplayable because it pauses constantly. Also why does scar recoil in hardcore matter? You usually one tap people or spray so…?

  5. Bruh I did my knife and shield a week ago and only now they fixed kills while injured

  6. Sykotik says:

    Worse update ever! was stuck on a download loop for hours yesterday and all through the night, just got on now, my crossbow challenge has stopped tracking at 4/25 ?‍♂️?‍♂️

  7. To bad everyone is fucking abusing the 725 and it's new glitch. Oh man it's awesome trying to use the bow and getting fucking sniped by a sawn off

  8. Sakurai Omeo says:

    spc ops update is there 16GB

  9. First video i ever watched from you was back in 2013 when you posted a GTA 5 video about how to get the Canis Mesa jeep such memories??

  10. Josh Caley says:

    On xbox I had an 18gig update then a 16gig spec ops update and then on top of that another 9gig multiplayer update. Guess xbox does there updates properly as I am not having any problems playing the game

  11. Are you kidding me they decreased the amount of injury kills on melee weapon I just got the melee weapon plat yesterday

  12. Benz Abanga says:

    Every time I open MW on my PS4 the Spec Ops update starts re-downloading! ?

  13. MrGamer325 says:

    I'm still updating… F

  14. vmiget says:

    I got a 16gb, 18gb, and 9gb update on xbox. It was 46gb on Pc. Also, my friend's stats got reset =( ohhh and my progress to unlock crossbow is glitched. I played over 50 games and it only registers 19/25 rn. Hopefully i get it one day

  15. Zach Wallace says:

    They said a 18GB update for Xbox but in reality it was a 34GB update yay. So fun when I come home to play and cant because there’s a 34GB update that was supposed to be 18

  16. The new new DLC I found it in the PlayStation Store to be downloaded

  17. MadNadz says:

    9:40 someone got a nuke in y infected game and we all died and the nuke didnt drop but he called it in lol ???

  18. With the no content for coop. It did it with me on multiplayer I had to install multiplayer 1 and 2 3 times before it worked on xbox

  19. My game is just about to finish updating

  20. Homero_1019 says:

    I don't have the extra 5 loadouts how retarded are the developers that they can't do shit right

  21. Even though no one cares first lol

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