My HONEST IMPRESSIONS of Modern Warfare's Multiplayer So Far… (Call of Duty 2019)


Call Of Duty

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Multiplayer has been revealed. Today we got to see a number of weapons, maps, equipment and mechanics, and here are my honest impressions of what we’ve seen so far. Be sure to check out the links below!
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27 Replies to “My HONEST IMPRESSIONS of Modern Warfare's Multiplayer So Far… (Call of Duty 2019)”

  1. NerosCinema says:

    HELLO NOTIFICATION SQUAD! Remember to leave a like if you enjoy the video, and be sure to let me know what you think of Modern Warfare so far. It's definitely a lot to take in, but what did you think of the movement, maps, guns, and equipment?

  2. Continuum7 says:

    It looks like a promising start for me, the weapon showcasing is so far so good. Pretty sure in the stream one of the characters was holding what looked to be a ACR which has me excited.

  3. Ice_ Wallow says:

    This ain't going to be the next great cod, I'm going to have to wait for 2020

  4. C Cl says:

    Yes 4 siege peak style 🤞

  5. Caleb Saar says:

    For a second I thought it was battlefield hardline with a different HUD

  6. Tbh the game looks interesting, yes it does look like a mix of R6 and BF. But like you said this is just the tip of the iceberg and we need to wait for the MP gameplay reveal. As a cod fan this looks interesting and new for the whole franchise

  7. Joel johnsom says:

    Looks like Bf movement? Are you having a laugh? Bf movement is one of the most clunky experiences. This looks silky

  8. C Cl says:

    Forget BO4 that's history 😋

  9. Sabrefire916 says:

    So definitely engineer will be a crutch perk in this game with All the little bitches using Betty’s

  10. Mr. Avi says:

    this looks/feels like a free game on xbox like warface. if i wanted to play BF i'd go out and buy BF not COD. not impressed hopefully the full reveal is better and wow manual heal is still here health feels 100-125 but gameplay looks terrible

  11. There's like something a bit off. In my opinion it looks like a remastered version of various games into one.

  12. Scypth says:

    we asked for MW2 Remastered and got THIS

  13. The returning guns don’t bother me, cause none of them look the same and probably won’t feel the same as to what we’re used to because of the new engine

  14. Proclaimor says:

    Decent tactical and lethal grenades that are available a few seconds after the match begins with no cool down timer. I can appreciate that.

  15. KEITH STONE says:

    This game seeming like bf or rs is not offputting at all, it is actually quite the opposite! This game looks super fun and way better than any recent cod game.

  16. Stefan Dix says:

    My only wish is for promod and pc scene like it was back in 2008 with cod4

  17. I'm honestly glad that there is actually stun and frag grenades that I can actually use.

  18. Jesse Timms says:

    The recoil shows a lot for each of the weapons. They all have its own unique velocity which really reminded me of the battlefield franchise and the Rainbow six siege franchise.

  19. BloodSlayA says:

    I actually really like what there doing here I think this would save cod although I would miss normal modern warfare movement I think this is really cool and a definite improvement tell me what you guys think

  20. Jona says:

    If this gameplay would have leaked early and someone said it was a new pc game coming out I would have 100% believed them because nothing In this gameplay resembles COD. Not saying this is a bad thing but just isn’t what I thought it would be.

  21. Alex says:

    I love the new animations and gameplay

  22. Ty Ian says:

    I don’t think it looks clunky at all 👀

  23. At this point infinity ward won’t ruin this game if this game has any problems I really think it will be Activision treyarch acted like some real bitches to them in black ops 4 and I hope infinity ward won’t be bullied by them in order to produce this new generation of call of duty.

  24. Drew Berning says:

    This game will suck

  25. Sammy 10 says:

    Why it looks like insurgency sandstorm?

  26. This game looks awesome. Definitely lived up to the hype!

  27. warrpzz says:

    I don’t think people appreciate the graphics on this game like just look at the hands and smudges on the guns

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