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This idea came from Wild Lone Wolf – players hide in lockers and we need to find em’! If you’re found, you have a chance to go on to the next round by guessing which room another player is in. Hope you enjoy it!

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Doing any kind of game in class rooms is a sensitive subject, so we made an effort to just use the crossbow and keep it goofy. Your safety is tremendously important to me, so please be safe, and keep the goofy action to…

26 Replies to “New! Fortnite Creative Locker Hunt minigame! | Swiftor”

  1. swiftor says:

    First up, map code: 8771-1991-2429 and now more importantly, there's lots of comments suggesting a theme of school shootings. I would NEVER make light of violence or the loss of life in schools, or anywhere. If this is what people are getting from the video, then I messed up and need to be a lot more careful going forward with the themes. Maybe we should have done this in an army base or something. Anyway, as always, thanks for the incredible support.

  2. Danqasian says:


    Classes in 2020

  3. This guy just posted a pg school shooting

  4. drizzy says:

    14:23 There was a guy in there but he reset

  5. Baldi’s basics in education and learning

  6. Aaron Stone says:

    “It’s a family channel” he says as he hunts down and forces kids to sell out their friends to be violently executed

  7. I think that they are respawning

  8. 13:00 Swiftor just walked in the room the I’ll make you another deal bro

  9. I’m tier 2 and subbed

  10. Wewe Zsdd says:

    How u doing fish monsterman

  11. Ins Retro says:

    Anyone else notice this a mini game about shooting up a school

  12. ツItsgary says:

    How do u get the locker

  13. Guy:*dies*
    Kid in background:oof

  14. iceboy 873 says:

    I was looking to see a school hide and seek and found only two so I made a school hide and go seek if u want to know more add my epic its iceboy873

  15. jjuhoo says:

    this is cringey but awesome..

  16. Xotiic RL says:

    9:26 is the best bit, because jack is so funny

  17. You should do a hide and seek in the creative hub and in all the maps

  18. Devan Myers says:

    He never did the shout out in the description!?!

  19. Cameron says:

    15:34 did I hear some one mone

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