*NEW* Fortnite Update 8.10 Changes! – Xbox & PS4 Lobbies Merge, Vending Machine, Gold AK, & MORE!



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*NEW* Fortnite Update 8.10 Changes! – Xbox & PS4 Lobbies Merge, Vending Machine, Gold AK, & MORE!


Patch Notes:

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46 Replies to “*NEW* Fortnite Update 8.10 Changes! – Xbox & PS4 Lobbies Merge, Vending Machine, Gold AK, & MORE!”

  1. I hate this my teammates are Ps4 bots .-.

  2. Dss Ddd says:

    Fortnite is slowly killing there game who else agrees?

  3. Just watching the video as soon as you said getaway is back I turned on my xbox

  4. The hamster balls are awesome looking

  5. Kozmoz Songs says:

    im going to kms if the wildcard comes back. it should be rare tbh it was exclusive

  6. Well the mobile is going to never win again…

  7. Keep up the good work tridzo I love your videos they amazing

  8. Tyki brown says:

    Let's goooo we get more ps4 bots for free

  9. Was so happy when getaway came back… then I just realized they removed it today

  10. i fucking hate this game now xbox players gotta get trashs on by ps4 players because of different analogs

  11. finall'y the thanos ltm is coming back

  12. Jared Hanif says:

    Oh xbox and ps4 lobbys merged no wonder why i kepted finding a ps4 player as my teammate…

  13. XXXRoyalty says:

    Where the fuck is the new refund system

  14. We want new middle east servers…. Fortnite said abt it months ago….

  15. The machens are on the playground like in normal games

  16. I think Jurassic world is coming to fortnite in season 9 that vehicle looks like that one thing from it when they were in the field

  17. I’m waiting for fortnite to finish updating

  18. Mars2TheMoon says:

    They should make a setting on what console servers you want to play on

  19. Wait does that mean mobile players play with consoles in solos?

  20. Nightthot says:

    Switch and Mobile? I'm gonna buy a switch just to smoke kids.

  21. MJJ Films says:

    They made building on mobile 10 times harder

  22. I'm calling it now – since they reduced the spawn rates of the Treasure Maps, Week 3 is going to have a Treasure Map challenge. That's Epic logic.
    Edit 1: Sure: put the lobbies you spoil together and put the lobbies you've abandoned together.
    Edit 2: Of course that terrible LTM comes back.

  23. Ali Chammah says:

    One of the worst updates ever

  24. Yes now I can kill xbots in my lobbies cause every time I play with Xbox friends I drop 12 plus kills

  25. Nick Harvey says:

    And they still haven’t fixed black hit markers smh

  26. Yetii says:

    Do you think the wild card skin would come back when the LTM comes out?

  27. oDak says:

    Can’t wait to shit on y’all trash ass PS4 Bots🤣😂

  28. Lucius Gash says:

    Wait what about refunding system. Is it back or is it gonna be in the next vid.
    👇This is how many v bucks I’ll get back from refunding

  29. Agam Singh says:

    Hey Tridzo. I tried entering in your giveaway but I am not able to get the entries required in your giveaway. If you will help me please I will be highly obliged. And I hope I win in the competition. Thank You

  30. Can I win my name is DrudTdT I need vbucks I play on Xbox

  31. Thx for the patch notes

  32. Jack Read says:

    I never won v bucks I’m I default

  33. X5tr0ngqt says:

    Edit: I hope the rewards aren't back

  34. HEY THEy LOvE the number 6 so what if the next season or this season it’s like demon story line look 666

  35. Suplex Shea says:

    Bouncing off of builds and people phasing through my builds needs to be fixed immediately

  36. melina says:

    Do you stream on twitch tridzo

  37. Mini Baddie says:

    What backbling are you using?

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