*NEW* Pay2Win HBRa3 Rifle and SERAPH Skin!!! (Gameplay + LuckyDraw) | Call of Duty Mobile Tips


Call Of Duty

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This new gun is INSANE!!! 5,000 likes and I’ll do a in depth analysis of the weapon!!!

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23 Replies to “*NEW* Pay2Win HBRa3 Rifle and SERAPH Skin!!! (Gameplay + LuckyDraw) | Call of Duty Mobile Tips”

  1. HawksNest says:

    5,000 likes for an in depth video!!

    Also this gun is from Advanced Warfare, not BO3. Apologies there <3

  2. Blitzkrieg says:

    Got it for 400 cod points

  3. Krolixey says:

    the HBRa3 is from advanced warfare and it was super nasty

  4. Austin Lusk says:

    is that riot by xxxtentecion in the background??

  5. Why you don’t do a video giving that gun to subcribers?

    Like for him to see it.

  6. Num lock says:

    I've got that gun on my second spin, im using it.. and idk.. maybe im just too noob to undeestqnd what's OP or nor on FPS games

  7. Sad that i cant afford it now

  8. I just spend 1200 and until now i didn't get this gun. If you didn't get the gun for 3-4 spins don't waste your time.

  9. Zvrnknxws says:

    I'm a free to play player, didn't play s2 but played s1 obvs, from rookie 1 to pro 2 just to get the locus

  10. Rezzy Nade says:

    Btw thats not from black ops 3 its from advanced warfare

  11. G. Maegraith says:

    ? pay to win hate this game ?

  12. FB1 says:

    This gun is from AW, not BO3.

  13. Nie says:

    This is my favourite gun it’s so good in advanced warfare

  14. 010 says:

    Things are very exspensive

  15. GERARDOGEX says:

    P2W guns go out in the credit store when they're already nerfed, this is bullshit

  16. King Furio says:

    I won't pay 11,400 in my currency for this bruh

  17. lm _ Slayer says:

    This man literally knows nothing about COD games.
    He literally said that the HBra3 is from BO3

  18. King Furio says:

    Nothing new P2W skins are getting common in other games nowadays

  19. Oakship166 says:

    Noah: gets skin for any gun

    Also Noah: Its Pay tO Win

  20. Don’t call a gun good or it’s gonna get nerfed and then it sucks

  21. I can’t wait for the free release…it is absolutely my faveroute gun in the cod series

  22. Goldcell Yt says:

    Player who don’t spend money will never feel this.. unless they drop the same gun with common skins

  23. BDS 6 says:

    Um this gun is not from bo3 it’s from Cod Advanced Warfare

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