New Prop Hunt Mode in Fortnite Creative! I'm a WINDMILL! | Swiftor



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Big thanks to Epic Games and the Fortnite team for hooking up some Prop Hunt recording opportunities at their insane E3 booth. This mode comes out for everyone next week most likely – and I’m hyped to play a ton of your fun Prop Maps, and maybe even make my own. Hope you enjoy this Fortnite Creative sneak peak into Prop Hunt ! I’ve got one more episode before I have to wait for the new update like everyone else.

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25 Replies to “New Prop Hunt Mode in Fortnite Creative! I'm a WINDMILL! | Swiftor”

  1. kam beam says:

    the perso who you were spectating at 14:08 that was who muselk killed if you go to his channel he was the won who killed the banana man im telling you

  2. Fortnite should've done 8 v 8 for like a competitive tournament and u stay with the same team the whole time

  3. Does anyone know the best one how to make one

  4. Eli Haynes says:

    At 15:45 you killed muselk

  5. Bilbo Baggy says:

    Does anyone know the creator code for this map

  6. Mirl Z says:

    Can't wait for this to be added in regular game

  7. Quran -'- says:

    The frok knife pickaxe is such a big meme but I love it 😂😂😂

  8. What is it’s code Pleiades say it

  9. Kash Money says:

    What is the creator code for the map

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