*NEW* SEASON 8 THEME LEAKED! (Fortnite Season 8 Info)



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*NEW* SEASON 8 THEME LEAKED! (Fortnite Season 8 Info)


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42 Replies to “*NEW* SEASON 8 THEME LEAKED! (Fortnite Season 8 Info)”

  1. DP says:

    Season 8 is going to be the End of Fortnite 🙁 i love Fortnite but it‘s just boring now, good that Apex game out

  2. Fuegesemo says:

    Season 8 better be their comeback

  3. Season 8 is lit it will be

  4. I have subbed notified and liked

  5. Joseph Cools says:

    giveaway my bday in feb 15

  6. So this read like a combination of Avatar and game of thrones

  7. Great video as alway bro! Would love to win the give away but haha I never win anything!! But great content!

  8. Jose Lopez says:

    Avatar fire and water nations/kingdom's

  9. ThE hOrOr says:

    I have Subscribed and like The vid!

  10. O UU says:

    I would want the 1000 vbucks

  11. Lmao Milio says:

    what if the ice in greasy grove does melt and it's just another zone where you can't fight like how there was the floating island in season 6 how you couldn't fight but only fly up to the island, what if that's the case? or if the water under the ice does melt but there is still a roof layer to greasy grove and there's an entrance to get in and out. i could be wrong, these are just my theories

  12. xYungB3ASTx says:



  13. Your cool but I'm trying to be a youtuber

  14. Spirit Lmao says:

    Am supporting you for the code to get the wrap

  15. 2.2360679775 says:

    Bruh this is literally the plot for Avatar

  16. Leo Gamino says:

    Bounce pads are back???

  17. progamer56 says:

    Lol I knew about this sends season 5 if you know your history you would know the meaning of ragnorak it's I Belgrave Norse and it lterly a story about a winter and at the end of the winter the world is over ran by water I knew they where going to do this

  18. It’d be better if the fire kings chair was froze or turned to ash

  19. Ben chaffee says:

    I would like to get them vbucks for the battle pass

  20. potato man says:

    Please I need vbucks

  21. Non Stop Cop says:

    There’s going to be a volcano once the earthquake happens because that is how you will get the final stage of the prisoner

  22. Landen Fee says:

    Can I please get that vbucks I don’t have enough money to buy vbucks so please give it to me so I can get my first battlepass

  23. You should make a part 2 if you get more info

  24. Tracy Lewis says:

    Subscribed and tapped the bell

  25. Logan Moore says:

    The castle should fall onto greasy and make ruins in the water. Honestly for me that would be sick

  26. The Potatos says:

    I realized why do fortnite pick a cube out of all shapes why well fortnite not just has a cube for evil and i went to google and typed in what does a cube symbolizes and heres what i found      
    Cube. It represents the final stage of a cycle of immobility, it can be seen as the truth, because it looks the same from any perspective, it is commonly thought of as the counterpart of the sphere. The cube is, in essence, the squaring of a circle. Scientifically, the cube usually represents salt.Cube.

  27. Itsss Domi says:

    2:40 This starting to sound like avatar lmao “long ago the 4 nations lived together in harmony …”

  28. Skip to 6:14 “fishes” xD that’s not a word…or so I thought

  29. Dawson Junck says:

    Giveaway entry code tridzo

  30. Dan Hughes says:

    ZonateBag600612 my username l love sessions 8

  31. Rusty Scrub1 says:

    Can I have v bucks plz

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