*NEW* SECRET VALENTINE REWARD in Fortnite! – (Update 7.40 Share The Love Event)



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*NEW* SECRET VALENTINE REWARD in Fortnite! – (Update 7.40 Share The Love Event)

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▶Use Support a Creator code: Tridzo (Resets every 2 weeks)

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30 Replies to “*NEW* SECRET VALENTINE REWARD in Fortnite! – (Update 7.40 Share The Love Event)”

  1. I used code tridzo on the 8th!

  2. Jesus Ibarra says:

    I enter in the gaveway

  3. I just noticed the only skin with 3 different versions (not like battlepass ) from the item shop is love ranger , the normal, Frozen and now Dark

  4. Z1nny says:

    I’m subbed and I liked please can I get vbucks

  5. PR3NCH 2904 says:

    Will i still get the dark love range if I have the frozen love ranger

  6. Alex To raw says:

    I like how tridzo didn’t beg for everyone to use his creator code so I used it @use code tridzo

  7. David Ball says:

    In the code it said athena witch is the god of wisdom in greek mythology

  8. Bamjj08 Nintendo switch

  9. i got an 13 kill win on apex

  10. Naila Luqman says:

    So no free skin I'm so sad I have been a default skin since season 3

  11. Can you give me v bucks

  12. I subcribed like and the bell I realy need the vbucks pliss and thanks for the information of the event and the update I will stay sharp for more info and if I win the giveaway that I will my user name is jungame1215 so pliss I need vbucks

  13. So can i get the dark love ranger if i have the frozen one?

  14. Love youre vids keep up the good work

  15. Turtle 4812 says:

    V bucks please I want to win

  16. Kenny Gerry says:


  17. Aaron Myers says:

    Is the wrap for everyone or only the people that have love ranger

  18. I liked this vid my name is pandaop9046

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