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How to unlock the SPARROW skill in Call of Duty Mobile Gameplay:

Hey guys! Today: How to unlock the new SPARROW skil in Call of Duty mobile. We also got a bit of Sparrow gameplay in CoD Mobile, enjoy the Call of Duty mobile multiplayer gameplay!

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36 Replies to “*New* SPARROW Skill | Call of Duty Mobile Gameplay”

  1. Where is the new operator skill????the SPARROW!!! You only show us the sycthe dudeee this is suckss

  2. RzyB IOS says:

    3 more log in days then i get it ??

  3. Sean says:

    Only thing left for me is log in ?

  4. Predator X1 says:

    Sparrow and tempest pretty similar, both takes time to fire
    Hail war machine……

  5. I used it and it's crazy it should be banned or a skill streak

  6. Just L3git says:

    I'll get it in 2 more days

  7. Just L3git says:

    I'll get it in 2 more days

  8. They should make exclusive to players who played early and unlocked it. All new players, sorry your out of luck

  9. Do have to buy call of duty mobile season 2 when it comes out

  10. Sir Vampier says:

    Do you accept friend requests?

  11. CaptainCBass says:

    Can’t wait till I get this. Gonna be the icing on my stealth playing cake.

  12. Yesterday was my day off and I completed every task except log in for 5 days.

    I just sat back and played.

  13. Descendant says:

    Good to go, GG?I actually like only that halloween parachute and flying suit, parachute has notice yellow ropes and hope flying suit has yellow smoke

  14. Steven K Lee says:

    These events in codm are more fun than sgls events. In my opinion.

  15. HellNaw says:

    Haven’t been keeping up with your uploads but damn you’ve gotten hella good at this game

  16. GHOST 1994 says:

    When the ejection character ability will be coming ??? So far we have
    1. Medic.
    5. Mechanic
    6th one is ejection ability

  17. GHOST 1994 says:

    Only have to get last point by daily login 5 days to get sparrow skill

  18. Bagofsoup says:

    Man, I love that M4 skin, knife and backpack. I know getting the Halloween outrider and pumpkin AK47 is a scam, but I would love to get just the backpack, knife, M4 perhaps. I appreciate that you had great restraint when doing the lucky draw. I am deciding if I am willing to sift through the 8 lower items to get the 3 that I want, for the lowest amount of money possible. It’s always a gamble.

  19. Toxic Twisst says:

    I'm sure they are gonna do this event thing with any guns they add in the game in the future because alot of people are already max level so there's no way of incorporating them into unlocking by level

  20. Dumb Boi says:

    I recommend purifier because as long as they catch fire, they will die

  21. Rich Boi34 says:

    Looks dope!! Can't wait to get it

  22. Dumb Boi says:

    I only have to wait for the 5 days and I get it

  23. Sujan Tapol says:

    Week 5/Sparrow Event Done

  24. Pascal YT says:

    So I can become Hawkeye? Cool!

  25. What attachment u are using for m4

  26. You Livestream Cod Mobile today or Shadowgun Legends

  27. Just one left 4 days of login dude

  28. Buddy I have finished 9 tasks on that Event before even you uploaded the video

  29. Muhammed Ali says:

    I need to log in for for 4 days because I loged on today

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