New Working Duplication Glitch is back again in fortnite save the world



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New Working Duplication Glitch is back again in fortnite save the world

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39 Replies to “New Working Duplication Glitch is back again in fortnite save the world”

  1. Ethan Meyer says:

    The number of his traps changed to so he set them up again

  2. 1017 savage says:

    he didn’t pick it up

  3. Dnero says:

    Snitch ass nigga snitching to epic smh

  4. Sxrcxsm says:

    ok you faked it for no reason, you forgot to place a has trap before, but then after you came back one was there. plus you had less gas traps after you respawns than before

  5. Whyyyyy the are gonna patch it

  6. aratonstilts says:

    Worked first try just now

  7. Callum Mc says:

    Well done the first time you post a working dupe glitch
    Now take the vid down so it don’t get patched

  8. Beaver _224 says:

    You don’t get efficient from gas traps

  9. Epic Gaming says:

    Don't use the gas traps use spike traps

  10. Randy Paul says:

    Probably don’t want people to do this so they don’t find out it’s a fake glitch

  11. Randy Paul says:

    You’re saying oh you’re stuttering you don’t know what you’re doing

  12. Randy Paul says:

    It doesn’t work bro literally all those vids click bait Dantay doesn’t even use a duplication glitch he crafts his weapons

  13. IT'S Leeler says:

    do i not pick up the mats?It works i just dont get a lot so i want to know if thats why

  14. Is working, you need to destroy the traps fast

  15. MR-FLIP says:

    It is now patched as of today. 🤙 the proper way to do it was to build a 5×5 with at the max hight of 5 up. Start endurance. Break the ramp holding up your 5×5 pick up every thing you can and once the start timer hit 0 you spam leave tell you would lagg out of the mission. Mission would say error at top. But as stated it is patched. Dan7eh is good at helping the community with getting these dupe glitches patched. This glitch was released by a guy named adam who sold items on GameFlip.
    He recently sadly lost his account on game flip to a scammer who was his partner in crime. So to not allow his friend to make profits off his dupe glitch he released how to do it. (Note) Epic games will not ban for this but these glitches stop epic game from wanting to put effort into the game with Epic changes for us to enjoy the game. So your gain yet your loss and the damage you do screws the rest of us who play the game normally and enjoy the farming. Ok so you read this far into my bullshit so now make that thumb up blue and sub my channel 🤟🤣

  16. Maybe they should remove endurance for a fix

  17. Śwïtch says:

    To the 1% that sees this pls watch my vids and sub for shoutout thanks.

  18. Jdciganek 25 says:

    I want this to be patched (after ends clip does glitch all day)

  19. It real it has been active for 3 days in fortnite a have 8000 e and over 2000 trap on me and trap in hb but you gays have right gas traps give o not e

  20. It has been n fortnite for 3 days

  21. This guy is fake and is getting money from y’all kids watching his fake videos he isn’t going to get rid of thé duplicated items if he wasn’t dumb he’d know you don’t get banned for epics mistakes it was just a rumor so he is a lier all of his giveaways fake all videos fake just stop taking advantage of your subscribers before you don’t have any I would do anything to be as famous as you and I would always give my words to my subscribers your pathetic.

  22. Megan R says:

    Ya just did it wasted my 130 gas traps

  23. Nuclear tech says:

    If u look at his traps they decrease from 134 to 115

  24. Albert Marqz says:

    IDGAF about a chance of getting banned, I need my oxy

  25. TEXASMRFR says:

    Nor way guys it worked…

  26. Who has some 130 traps??

  27. KiNG MAKER says:

    they need to patch this asap 🤦

  28. Why do u do this just stop clickbaiting I thought I unsubed but now I fully have just stop

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