New Working Duplication GLITCH Season X??? fortnite Save The World



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New Working Duplication GLITCH Season X??? fortnite Save The World

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41 Replies to “New Working Duplication GLITCH Season X??? fortnite Save The World”

  1. I like that your surprised that you didn’t take fall damage and your hero is a ninja

  2. and also i didnt even watch 1 second cause i got an icecream add is it just me??????????????????????/??

  3. You are such a click beater and pls you are British scammers

  4. Noah Doms says:

    Ninjas don’t take fall damage lmao clickbait for veiws

  5. Itz Musy says:

    Rosses are red violets are blue i just got clickbated and so did u

    Like if u agree

  6. Acidic Vexx says:

    Lmfao he said in the second method that you arent supposed to take fall damage because it's a glitch, but yet at 14:42 he falls off of some builds and takes zero fall damage 😂 this fake asf

  7. Chigzz says:

    My man's said he didn't take fall damage cos of the glitch when he's using a ninja smh

  8. NawaF says:

    Fucking click baiter

  9. Eris Ademi says:

    the first one worked

  10. ethan dixon says:

    U had 8 before u jumped
    The first one u did

  11. KrazyKris says:

    He can craft modded super sredder

  12. This guy will never show you a real glitch because he doesn't want to get banned. Believe me he know gliches he won't show them. All you have to do is block his channel so you don't get clicked bated.

  13. OzzyB0921 YT says:

    He said that his storm shield is done and on the right is says activate storm shield to defend 😂😂

  14. Ur a ninja ninjas dont take fall dmg

  15. he is a ninja they do not take falldamege he is trolling u guys.

  16. See Low says:

    If they lied then don’t put working duplicating glitch

  17. ProGamer 227 says:

    Let me get a super shredder my epic is Hg9x

  18. gengar 37 says:

    You got more planks i think and one extra super

    Ninjas don’t take fall damage

  19. Bleaz Dude says:

    Ninja dount te fall dameg

  20. I have sunbeam looking for a modded gun

  21. Team Markm says:

    The first glitch did work.

  22. Anis zerrouk says:

    ur videos Fake ! -_-


  24. what a cheap f*** click baiting and lying he makes things up through out the vid like when he says 'you need to be a ninja' but not every ninja has that ability so you just made that up on the spot

  25. connor g says:

    i need 130s and mats for 0

  26. this guys talks 17 min but happens to say absolutely nothing

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