NIGHT OF AGONY (Call of Duty Black Ops Custom Zombies)


Call Of Duty

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45 Replies to “NIGHT OF AGONY (Call of Duty Black Ops Custom Zombies)”

  1. I’ve shot a Morin naggot

  2. andy ford says:

    Please do another round on this map!

  3. Tough map. Interesting though. Kuddos to the map maker. They're on to some great things. Thanks for playing, YAW.

  4. i miss the oldened day when they would stream PUBG

  5. y’all ever look at the gross/scary zombie 🧟‍♂️ in the thumbnail and think about how many times meaty has roasted gunns on how they look alike or how it’s his type 😹

  6. Play cod wwll zombies both maps

  7. 3:15 “oh, your own grenade” Hahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😭😭😭

  8. im not cool says:

    Hey can you help me in zombies your really good and I need help

  9. Is it just me or does the reichsrevolver sound like a .22

  10. Ibad 850 says:

    0:49 "It's the little things, that's what i tell my wife" XD Gunns

  11. Bro when I commented this there were 115 comments on this video lol

  12. Hey guys! I really enjoyed the detail on this map. Seems difficult with the narrow walkways and balconys. Definitely a challenge for Guns and Meaty 😜

  13. Pug 72 says:

    Play on the new alpha omega map when it comes out

  14. Jack Hurst says:

    Love the vids there should be a map we’re every time you reloed it goes up one round

  15. is this game bo 1 or bo 2 or bo 3 pls tell mee

  16. Hope you 2 go back and play this map again in the near future

  17. Scott T says:

    deserved a restart!

  18. Zero Smoke says:

    I love the feel of this map. The noises the zombies make, the weapons, the callback to Nacht. So many throwbacks to WaW. You guys NEED to replay this map! 😀

  19. U guys still die on 22 rounds??

  20. Thank y'all for posting! Ive had alot going on layely and you're videos always puts me in a better mood! Keep at it fellas!!

  21. Can you do some more GTA 5 online

  22. how do they get these maps

  23. Steven Gomez says:

    Hey Meaty and Guns can you do this map again. I would like to watch again. Its a pretty cool map.

  24. Hey Johnson says:

    Why wouldnt u scratch that and play it again? I understand u play a bunch of maps but if u dont make it to round 12 give it another shot even if its a video for the next day that looked like it was crazy hard though thanks for the video.

  25. Ryan Chu says:

    Ay can you do the Olympia only challenge?

  26. if the Winchester was a Model 22 it would only get head-shots and tress 😛

  27. Wow that never happens

  28. Are y’all gunna play the new zombies dlc

  29. Nate Olsen says:

    Can you guys do more custom world at war zombies

  30. jaxson _wolf says:

    Great videos guys I really love em keep up the good work👌👍

  31. Goku says:

    What happened about going back to the broken soldier on zombies

  32. Fuji says:

    play this map again pleaseeeee

  33. 14:00 the box doesnt hate you, i thinks you're trying to hold a trench

  34. 11:00 just stay a lil back Meaty, back away toward the wall

  35. Worst map I've seen yet lol

  36. zack betts says:

    when will there be more can we survive

  37. TheAV2X says:

    Yall should definitely play the new cod dlc zombie map dropping tomorrow!!

  38. Noah Tackett says:

    Want a single action firearm that's semi auto? Get yourself a 1911 lol

  39. Wow, that was real… You need to play this map and take your revenge lol

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