Nubia Red Magic 3 24 Hour Review – PUBG, Fortnite & More!



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Here is my quick take 24 hour review of the Red Magic 3! Instead of doing my typical review I’ve decided to do a shortened “laundry list” and essentially focus the majority of this video on one thing: GAMING! I play both PUBG Mobile and Fortnite for an extensive period of time on the Red Magic 3, and test out its gaming features! Stay tuned for more great content with this gaming beast coming soon! #Nubiaredmagicmars #redmagic3 #nubia #frankietech

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24 Replies to “Nubia Red Magic 3 24 Hour Review – PUBG, Fortnite & More!”

  1. Frankie Tech says:

    Almost 4 hours late, and 3 uploads later, here it is. Apologies again if you missed it, check my community comments for explanation on the audio speaker debacle. Glad this is up. Frankie out.

  2. Jim Hutton says:

    Hey! Keep making great content!

  3. Imapancake22 says:

    How do u switch the launcher I use a red magic mars

  4. we need counter strike mobile

  5. memes served says:

    Next try PUBG mobile on a potato

  6. 777 GAMER says:

    Who's waiting for Poco F2 to kill this??

  7. Compare this with the Pocophone please im struggling to choose between the Two

  8. Bjorn says:

    Do this one vs oneplus 5 8gb ram

  9. Still no YouTuber who are able to sell me that phone. Gj vloggers, on failing so hard on selling what the user wants!

  10. How is the latency/ping in mobile Legends and arena of Valor?

  11. Hello, Excellent video. Did you receive the phone with Play Store installed?

  12. Make Poco F1 24 Hours review

  13. Deymn HAHAHA says:

    Where i can buy the 12gb ram please let me know thanks

  14. How have you downloaded the play store?

  15. redjoker207 says:

    halo,when you buy this phone,it’s already have google play store?

  16. just noticed that this phone uses gorila glass 3,wich is very old…

  17. Worldchamp says:

    Does the phone have nfc?

  18. Sir can you review the axon 10 pro 5g im sure it will blow the other brands

  19. The 8k on this unit is horrible. False misleading 8k!!

  20. RE-eM리임 says:

    Ty big like for this review ??

  21. When the global version will be available?

  22. gowtham g says:

    Hey frankie whats the charging time?

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