Nuke with Every Gun in Call of Duty Mobile! – KN-44 Assault Rifle


Call Of Duty

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In today’s call of duty mobile gameplay video, I show how to get a nuke in cod mobile with the new kn-44 color spectrum and the free kn-44! The free kn-44 nuke …

26 Replies to “Nuke with Every Gun in Call of Duty Mobile! – KN-44 Assault Rifle”

  1. i was wondering about the Perks on Legendary skin vs Epic skins on AR, and does the legendary skin have the “extra firing range”? i have both epic and legendary skins of KN-44 and i barely use the legendary skin

  2. Noah do a tomahawk only nuke

  3. Nigel Kee says:

    nuketown: domination
    fast mag

  4. Yes Sir, keep the kills coming dude (your insane with any weapon)

  5. Chartist _12 says:

    When u realize it wasn’t cross map tomawhawk it bounced to the left lol watch again

  6. maverick29er says:

    Us soldiers in afganistaan: teammate saved my life. Wow, this gun lazars

  7. Simon Riley says:

    Bro ive been watching ur videos ever since u started trying to get a random thrown tamahawk kill and finally u hit it, fucking TWICE bro!!! Sick video bro!!!

  8. Dude I didn’t even watch the video but Noah has the same attachments as I do

  9. have u tried cod warfare BR?

  10. Any small YouTubers wanna support each other?

  11. 3Dot_Kidd says:

    Noah u crazy good at all guns damn..🔥🔥💯
    .Can get some support on my channel, subscribe👌

  12. Would you use the KN 44 or the BK 57? The specs inside the game aren't really accurate and in terms of some aspects likerecoil and range they're pretty similar. But the BK has faster fire rate, 5 more bullet don't he mag and faster reload speed, and it's generally more accurate at long ranges, so I'm just wondering whether the KN "feels" better. The specs shown in the game aren't really accurate.

  13. How many kills is it for a nuke in domination on casual

  14. Jr Vincent says:

    I have call of duty mobile I play call of duty

  15. The last game you played I was in that gane

  16. Please add me as a friend

  17. Noah I challenge you play Ranked Match

  18. FraZiX says:

    I missed The "*But if You Close Yiur Eyes*" I Intro… Back In Rules of Survival Days

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