Official Call of Duty: WWII HEADQUARTERS Multiplayer Trailer!


Call Of Duty

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Headquarters is social space available in COD WWII’s multiplayer. This is where we will hang out, compete, Prestige, and much more!
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36 Replies to “Official Call of Duty: WWII HEADQUARTERS Multiplayer Trailer!”

  1. Dillon Duhon says:

    did you guys see the score streak training range this is so going to be bada$$

  2. Donovan C says:

    I can't wait for annoying people to find a way to ruin this for everyone else.

  3. Geronimo says:

    OMGOMGOMGOMG (Peter Griffin Voice)

  4. Cod has been shit since mw2 stroke bops1 but not gonna lie this game looks good im gonna gamble on it this year and buy

  5. I wish cod didn't have aim assist on console like R6 Siege

  6. Third person zombies confirmed

  7. Drew Kirby says:

    How does he post this without getting a copyright strike or notice?

  8. Ty Tolley says:

    Well, call of destiny battlefield 2 looks pretty good

  9. Corey says:

    summits in the pit!!! china number 1!!!!

  10. Zeus 08 says:

    Taunts at 0:58 look at the sniper

  11. Matt Moore says:

    If I see any fucking dab or Nay Nay shit I will be so disappointed what a disgrace to our veterans

  12. joe cormier says:

    This is the coolest shit! Call of duty has done in awhile

  13. Exo Aqua says:

    Emotes!!! Hell yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. this looks better than the actual multi-player.

  15. You might wanna delete this before Activision sees it, you leave no disclaimer in the video or in the description proclaiming that this isn't your work. Also you didn't even remove your filthy wartermark wtf?

  16. Capt. Chrome says:

    This game mode is going do die within a couple of months after release. Let's be honest here, if it's not team death match, search and destroy or domination the game mode is going to die along with the rest of the game modes there is.

  17. 0:52 dolphin dive is back! 😀

  18. V R says:

    I thought they removed this
    Guess they kept it

  19. Avalanche2 says:

    This looks gayer than a bag of herpes infected dicks.

  20. ty seabolt says:

    there are US, British, and French troops in this trailer. I think there are going to be tons of weapons to choose from when the game comes out!

  21. Road to game of the year

  22. Aim Crazy says:

    Nero long time subscriber add me man aim314razy psn!

  23. Why u posted this trailer if it is on official cod chenel???

  24. C. M. says:

    My great grandfather would beat the shit out of me if he'd see me playing this piece of garbage.

  25. ash 050 says:

    I'm not buying it because there will be supply drop weapons the whole community is dumb as fuck it's 💸💸💶💶

  26. ABC123 says:

    I hope we can play soccer

  27. This is Bob.   👱
    1 like = food. 👚
    2 likes=shelter👖

  28. What do think about an option to turn off other players customisation in multiplayer in mwr, I just think it looks stupid.

  29. This will be a total failure. People dont wanna socialize in COD. They wanna run and gun…when will they figure it out?

  30. Gator Videos says:

    Wtf? At the end is winners circle? Dab confirmed in supply drops

  31. NerosCinema says:

    Be sure to drop a like if you enjoyed!

  32. Matt Moore says:

    The animations are so painfully bad

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