OFFICIAL DEATHRUN 4.0 MAP CODE RELEASE!! (Cizzorz – Fortnite Creative)



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CODE: 2778-3253-4171


Let me know what you want to see in Fortnite Creative Mode: More of Cizzorz Deathruns, Slide Maps, and more creative content in general! Fortnite Creative is my favorite thing right now, also going to upload more vlogs! What Should I do? I’ll take Ideas from the YouTube comment section 🙂

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49 Replies to “OFFICIAL DEATHRUN 4.0 MAP CODE RELEASE!! (Cizzorz – Fortnite Creative)”

  1. Cizzorz says:

    Number of Likes = Number of Bots who failed level 1 😭😂

  2. Cizzorz but why don you go maps anymore

  3. Rokunex says:

    Cizzorz pls Patch lvl4 in this Deathrun because the boost Thing is not working anymore maybe because of an Update

  4. I’m gonna sweat a lot if I do the map LOL

  5. Fxnn says:

    0:29 "fan if I get cold"
    Hmm can you repeat that?

  6. RixyLg says:


  7. FoM Official says:

    +1 If you are here for the code

  8. XYAN says:

    Ur a mong for only outing 1 spawn pad

  9. KING GOOB says:

    The maps actually pretty easy at least easier than death run 1.0 2.0 and 3.0

  10. This deathrun fucking sucks

  11. Fuck you cizzorz for making the hardest deathrun

  12. SOMEONE says:

    “Fan if I get cold”

  13. He said a fan if I get cold ???

  14. The deathrun made me cry

  15. RKLS SB782 says:

    Anyone else come here after it’s impossible

  16. Hunta Faull says:

    What’s the code??

  17. Ima try and beat this

  18. D J says:

    Im going to be playing on switch

  19. Ana Romero says:

    This Is the day my grandmother died so this video made me feel better

  20. Landon Baze says:

    Fan if you get cold👏

  21. That Deathrun is a sheet

  22. Quality lighting

    Fan if I get cold

  23. Wait a minute a fan for if you get cold… makes sense

  24. Samuele Mira says:

    Figghiu ra me pulla a muriari

  25. You are a king for deathrun's

  26. Darth Gaming says:

    I cant find your deathruns in my creative mode

  27. Laserbeam says you suck

  28. Disc says:

    did he just say a fan if i get cold you use a fan if you get hot

  29. Mr Cloud says:

    You are now my favorite YouTubed because your from my state

  30. Hello my little friend your dahtrun im most say 3 wihte a jump trap its You most fixed plz see om this cizzorz

  31. Cizzors: *creates Deathrun 4.0*

    LazarBeam: Good Day ✂️ is back again!

  32. KrobzSmokes says:

    funny because henis leaked it and you deserve it, stop with these fucking maps!!!!!!!

  33. Did he just say “fan IF I get cold

  34. Dallas Yon says:

    I hate the death run.i can't do the speed run part

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