Optic Formal joins Luminosity Call of Duty team!


Call Of Duty

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43 Replies to “Optic Formal joins Luminosity Call of Duty team!”

  1. Ahmed Khalid says:

    Formal is the best player of cod alone but he don't have teamplay that's the problem

  2. Name says:

    Did this song come with your editing software?

  3. Every clip aside from 3 is against at least one his new teammates

  4. That Kid Das says:

    Just watch the beginning it sounds like Maven is an upcoming soundcloud rapper

  5. AFCADaan9 says:

    Going in to bo4 you’ve got the best cod player in the world, expecting a lot of W’s

  6. The Enigma says:

    What song what used?

  7. G says:

    So seth broke up the best team what a shame but it was fun while it lasted.

  8. Justin James says:

    This is my team I have full faith in you formal and look forward to see luminosity win and destroy the other teams

  9. Whats the name of the song

  10. Whoever disliked the video is OG fans. I’m also an optic fan but I’d like to support my man formal, good luck bro

  11. Harryhancox7 says:

    Is there a PlayStation team ?

  12. Praat says:

    that man is a legend 😀

  13. Hey LG how does it feel to get shit on by OG and realizing formal isnt the best

  14. Roy Ortiz says:

    Lol green walls beat u guys lmao with formal to lol

  15. Nick Godi says:

    LG went 1-3 and 0-3 by Rise and OG HAHAHAHA

  16. TheGianx 57 says:

    Vayanse a la puta mierda hijos de puta

  17. typicalogan says:

    Looks like LG Is my new team. Sticking with Formal 🙌🏼

  18. trevcon 3 says:

    yes I like this idea formal is my favorite

  19. As an Optic fan, I wish nothing but the best for Formal.

  20. It's Sh1FtY says:

    Love that he moved here. Such a good move by LG to bring him in

  21. congratulation Luminosity. Formal is one of the best COD Players. OPTC fails

  22. Dalton Byers says:

    I guess I'm a luminosity fan now

  23. Lars Wölk says:

    Congrats on this signing, nothing more to say

  24. Cant wait to see formal go beast mode again with a fire in his belly

  25. Fredo Nivaro says:

    Rip optic the best team of the all time

  26. JackDL 2k3 says:

    optic fucked up when they dropped karma and formal they did not practice as much as they should have a roster change was not the answer in my opinion

  27. jcsmooth70 says:

    Gonna miss Formal on Optic! Def my fav COD player for sure. Best of luck homie!

  28. Kohdy Martin says:

    I'm still more sad to see the old roster go than I am excited to see how the new roster does. You'll always be one of the best Formal. Can't wait to see you on your game.

  29. Mirajane 666 says:

    Lg is gonna crush optic now Period

  30. MEGA EMPIRE says:

    why did formal have to go… atleast Luminosity actually has a chance to win

  31. Eric Adriel says:

    Parabéns pela vitória do primeiro mapa na train em cima da SK

  32. AcTiVe Pulse says:

    good for him!! gonna be crazy to see Formal going against OpTic, for me

  33. Where can i watch this new team scrims? Is it stream on twitch?

  34. Congrats! You just gained a beast!

  35. I can’t wait to see Formal slap Hecz in the face when he demolishes the new green wall line up.

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