PEPPA PIG! – Call Of Duty Black Ops 2


Call Of Duty

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21 Replies to “PEPPA PIG! – Call Of Duty Black Ops 2”

  1. Zelt says:

    have you ever noticed this blac-kops (i know it is not written right)

  2. S.ghostinggg says:

    is black ops 2 the best CoD?

  3. Debbie Ross says:

    #Miniminter 🇵🇱🇪🇦🇸🇪 can u play call of duty advanced warfare 😎 🎮

  4. Debbie Ross says:

    Do call of duty advanced warfare 🇵🇱🇪🇦🇸🇪

  5. use the msmc its the best gun in the game

  6. Some advice use pdw57 or msmc

  7. Alfie Sale says:

    Will u play advanced warfare

  8. Its Milano says:

    Use stock, is the best attachment!

  9. Can You make more of these videos? ^_^

  10. Ramon German says:

    Dude no afence but you suck a little

  11. killkiller91 says:

    Play BATTLEFIELD 4 more!

  12. oskar vaale says:

    Why are you still playing this game… It was awesome for a couple years, but 4 years? Get a calendar m8

  13. Dirk H says:

    you need to put fast hands on, and i recommend a supressor too.

  14. ali kareem says:


  15. Cav McLoone says:

    I got soap in my mouth

  16. Sidemen co-op zombies Plz, cheers

  17. Hey another advanced warfare video oh wait…..

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