Playing Minecraft in Fortnite! (Prop Hunt Ft. Bonnie Kiwi & More!)



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Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed please like the video. Use code xDogged in the fortnite item shop! These prop hunt maps were really fun to play, especially the minecraft one! All of my friends and the maps we played are listed below.

Bonnie Kiwi –
Parashockx –
Foxman –
Renzzi –

Minecraft – 4652-5610-0481
FNAF – 0941-8889-0714
Stranger Things (in the others guys’ videos) -…

35 Replies to “Playing Minecraft in Fortnite! (Prop Hunt Ft. Bonnie Kiwi & More!)”

  1. xDogged says:

    Use code "xDogged" in the Fortnite item shop!

  2. SyKe Pois0n says:

    Rip stranger things map

  3. one question..
    will you ever make videos about some other games or other stuff or you will just make Fortnite videos?

    that's just hypotetical question.

  4. Vinny Mendes says:

    Can we play Fortnite together my Fortnite username is Noobpro master

  5. Ria Aguda says:

    “One more time” lyrics

    Pls search

    Or you want to make that video someday?

  6. Crazy Frog says:

    xDogged I Got A Music Video Idea For You.. Party Rock Anthem By LMAFO 🤷‍♀️

  7. Dead Island says:

    The way the prop run

  8. Bonnie Kiwi says:

    Damn dude, I didn't know you had uploaded this already haha. That was fast! That door play was so good!!!

  9. SyKe Pois0n says:

    You should play minecraft for a video

  10. Vinny Mendes says:

    Hi xdogged I used you cafe in they i’m shop and this Loki looked like Minecraft and can I please get a shout out please

  11. Bonnie FREAKING KIWI?! I watch him all the time!

  12. Darkvoid YT says:

    Hey nothing against you but I disliked it so I could be the first lol vid was good

  13. Sxympleツ says:

    this video is one of the funniest videos I ever watched 😂😂😂😂

  14. Vids like this make me go like ᕙ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ

  15. Uzulashi says:

    This is hilarious … 🤣😂👌

  16. Cool Video, Pls make more Prop Hunt 😊

  17. FaZe_ Nicol says:

    Man Love the Minecraft remix Nostalgia man Still be play Minecraft

  18. Savio Roca says:

    For a second I thought it was face reveal.Good video btw

  19. 5kel says:

    i think i was first like

  20. 1: Like
    2: Comment
    3: I watch this Video ❤😂

  21. Tempo Waves says:

    I have a question do u watch stranger things

  22. Nacho says:

    I actually thought this was minecraft D;

  23. First nice vid as always 😛🙂😉😜

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