Playing *MONOPOLY* In Fortnite w/ Vikkstar & Friends!



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We played Monopoly on a working board in Fortnite Creative! This map was insane and very well built — Big shoutout to Hellraiser for putting this all together. Thanks Vikkstar123, AlexACE, and Brawlator for playing!

To watch the entire game, head on over to watch Vikk’s video:
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Hellraiser’s Channel:…

32 Replies to “Playing *MONOPOLY* In Fortnite w/ Vikkstar & Friends!”

  1. Really great video I’ve been waiting for a monopoly and u did it great! GG

  2. No way you were playing with a dude that has 5.5 million subscribers

  3. Shaun odell says:


  4. Loweden Hoss says:

    Honestly boomer. I love how you don’t even play ur creator code you just kind of lowkey say what it is

  5. He blurred the code cus he wants people to look at the description

  6. Teuct says:

    play real monopoly please

  7. AMBER STEELE says:

    you deserve way more subs!

  8. w0lfzee says:

    Great video love the channel have been subbed for a while now

  9. Spectrum says:

    What’s the map code

  10. Boomer you are the best streamer/YouTuber ever keep up the good work

    Boomer is the best so use code boomer

  11. Loved it and you’re better at monopoly than I am and I play frequently.

  12. Dr Sirius says:

    This is literally like when timthetatman played monopoly except it is poor mans edition

  13. ctschwalbe says:

    How fun!! What a great video Boomer?

  14. why did you hide the code?

  15. Relink VybZz says:

    Code Boomer or u pump will do 33 damage

  16. Why did u blur the code

  17. Can you add me plus boomer been watch you stared and it would mean a lot to me if you would add me

  18. A360 rules says:

    Hey boomer can you do some duos with meee plz I am trash

  19. I noticed you have an editor now? PogChamp?

  20. Boomer says:

    FIRST! HAHA — Also, to watch the entire game, head on over to watch Vikk's video here:

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