Playing video games "confessions of a quad" 26-16 call of duty black ops 2


Call Of Duty

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Me talking about video games, how I play, how I get the controller on my lap. Video shows me playing call of duty black ops 2 & has an entire play & a bonus clip at the end where I make an epic comeback. Enjoy!

Here’s the link to the controller that I’m using. It’s made by broadened horizons

This controller comes into variations. The one that I am using is the bigger version than the slimmed-down version

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  1. Still Here says:

    I saw a pic of a man holden The Utimate Arcade 2 , But i don"t see it alone whit the price , add to cart or check out. So can please post a straight link to it so i can purchasc it, By the way i"m just like YOU!!! t.y

  2. Do u have a name for the controller? Where did you buy it?

  3. That's pretty cool bro, I'm a c-5 c-6 quad, I love playing bo2 zombies on ps3 look me up if you're ever down to kill zombies my username is latinmanofsteel

  4. Ever tried thee Wii.U..?

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