Pro Controller for SMARTPHONE Gamers… (Fortnite Android) Unboxing Razer Raiju Mobile Gamepad



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Ultimate Fortnite phone controller? Unboxing Razer Raiju Mobile – pro controller for serious smartphone gamers. Works on Android phones, no iPhone support. Gameplay review on Razer Phone 2 in Fortnite Battle Royale, PUBG Mobile, Minecraft and GTA: San Andreas. Thanks to Razer for sending the Raiju Mobile for unboxing.
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Razer Phone 2 unboxing
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43 Replies to “Pro Controller for SMARTPHONE Gamers… (Fortnite Android) Unboxing Razer Raiju Mobile Gamepad”

  1. Ryder Ebert says:

    Does it work with Samsung

  2. Jony btw says:

    to run fortnite on that phone smothly go to setting and do 60 fps

  3. We works with free fire?

  4. Jesus Varona says:

    You didnt change it to gaming setting that's why its laggy

  5. Show us your knife colection

  6. Nelson Gamer says:

    fucking who doesn't like this comment

  7. BATYUNYA HAY says:

    Откуда у тебя так много денег

  8. Can this be used for iPhones now because of iOS 13

  9. Zahid Amin says:

    Brobwearing gloves are important

  10. I think that is A illegaly

  11. Sree Batti says:

    I like that joystick connected to phone it is very nice but every one didn't know how to use it

  12. Aienzo says:

    Does it work with Rockman X DiVE?

  13. Zero Xkillz says:

    Does it work for PC as well?

  14. Can you pls make a vid that you show your hands

  15. Can you pls make a vid that you show your hands

  16. adam gamer says:

    waw sports adam gemer

  17. Does the controller work on PC using the USB cable?

  18. Tony Tiny says:

    why you don't show us your face and your hands

  19. Figue MUSIC says:

    What is the phone name?

  20. DAVIDEXE11 0 says:

    Hello ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

  21. Hey the relaxing end I have been watching your video for quite some time I wanted to thank you for makeing me relaxed in your videos thanks again

  22. check out the redragon wireless controller on my channel its great and cheap

  23. You killed me like 3 times

  24. Deniz Ipek says:

    GTA sa Minecraft fortnite

  25. SandboxArrow says:

    Can you play with Ninja next time if you can?

  26. Единственного, что я не понимаю что зачем покупать такие дорогие мобильные гемпады если есть, мобильный геймпад "GameSir" который в два а то и в три раза дешевле и качество одинаковое!!!

  27. Lil Goat says:

    Why u doin this shit so slow

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