Pump vs Tac Shotgun – What's The Best Shotgun In Fortnite Chapter 2?



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In this video, I talk about the new weapon meta in Fortnite Chapter 2. More specifically, I focus on the pump shotgun vs the tac shotgun (tactical shotgun), the new legendary burst (AUG) vs SCAR (legendary and epic assault rifle), and then the best possible loadouts you can run in the new season. I also talk about why I always choose the tac over the pump this season, unless it’s a legendary or epic pump. As you guys know, the loot pool…

22 Replies to “Pump vs Tac Shotgun – What's The Best Shotgun In Fortnite Chapter 2?”

  1. How to use tac shotgun: pick it up
    Find a trash can
    Drop it there
    Leave it there

  2. Dont worry the pump will come back. If you guys remember, every single summer they always make smg's good and remove the pump, season 9 last summer, and this season this summer. Even 2018 summer, they added drum gun and everyone would spray and pray. Thats how they do it. Make shotguns trash because 12 year olds are playing all the time cuz no school, and make smg's op.

  3. Scar is miles better than the aug.

  4. Jahxvs says:

    no bullshit if the tac was vaulted most of y’all would be dogshit ❌🧢

  5. qui d says:


  6. Calvin Davis says:

    Thanks for showing love to the tac👍🏾😀

  7. Daylight says:

    Everybody gangsta untill you deal 3 damage close range

  8. RIP pump vaulted season 3 ;-;

  9. I'm from the future, trust me the tac is better

  10. Eric Zhou says:

    Now the tac is a basically tickling gun. And pump vaulted

  11. welp. now we have the charge shotgun instead LMAO

  12. BH Sync says:

    🙂 Aug and tac Vs Scar and pump? Aug is so much better btw haha

  13. S1ice says:

    Let’s admit shotguns suck


    both are good. tac is more for aggressive style play and pump is more for build/edit style play. personally I use tac more during battle Royale or when I’m actually trying to win something. but when i actually have fun in the game I think pump is way more fun.

    If ur playing here is a good load out for either:
    If u take a tac, take a miscellaneous weapon(Rocket, sniper, mini gun, etc)

    If u take a pump, take an SMG or a drum(even tho there’s only one drum)

  15. Niek Hofman says:

    You can Just spam With a tac

  16. Danishfilmz says:

    My friend like tac shotgun then I called him noob until I saw this

  17. It also has to do with how good you are with each gun. I like the scar over the Aug because I like to be able to pressure people's builds more consistently and use it as an smg if I don't have one. I like the pump over the tac because the only reason I would use the tac is because it shoots faster and if I miss I'm not Immediately dead, so I like the pump more because I can really consitently hit headshots with shotguns and most pumps deal a lot of damage to the head and I can one hit them, and if I don't one hit them I can quickly switch to my smg and spray. My favorite smg is just the regular smg because it shoots fast and does more damage. This is my loadout, but most of my friends like augs and tacs more because they've proven that they are better with them. I also can't use augs cuz when someone pads I can't get as many bullets off as I can with a regular AR and the tracking is weird because I know that if I miss one bullet im missing the next 2 because they go in the same direction, therefore I can't tapfire it to be more accurate.

  18. btw pump is better if u switch to an after a shot it will win over tac

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