Ranking The *BEST* Season in Fortnite Battle Royale



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49 Replies to “Ranking The *BEST* Season in Fortnite Battle Royale”

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  2. Describe Rippley in 3 words in the comments

  3. But season 11 is the first best season

  4. Nope dee dope season 10 was the 2nd best besides the robots

  5. Ali Ahmed says:

    only the ogs know that season 2 was easily the best

  6. RippY Y says:

    1. Season 7
    2.season 3
    3.chapter 2
    4.season 9
    5.season 5

    That are my top 5 seasons

  7. Who else is pissed that he didn't even mention the elite agent for season 3

  8. O Z0n3 says:

    Siphon was in season 6

  9. senpai says:

    season 3 or 4 shouldve gotten lower gameplay for the removal of double pump

  10. Orbic says:

    The death of your_Daddies_back 2019-2019 17:32

  11. The Season 1 Clip isn‘t from Season 1 though.?

  12. qwerty says:

    why is season 9 my favorite season

  13. Season 3 was the BESSTTTT

    Prove me wrong

  14. season 7 i thought fortnite would die when its done so i left and started playing destiny 2. After the wc qualifiers and stuff i thought that i was wrong so i went back to fortnite. 2 weeks in, season x comes. During that all I played was playground fill simply because the battle royale mode was soo shit. Season 1 chapter 2 kept me on fortnite though. My favourite season was chapter 2 season 1, but it most likely would've been 8 and/or 9 if i got the full experience of 9, and i played in 8

  15. Zain Shaikh says:

    Wasn’t tilted added season 2?

  16. Josiah 0926 says:

    Tilted towers was added in season 2

  17. Best season is 8 don’t @ me

  18. ItsDragon says:

    this guy seriously does not know what he is talking about

  19. ItsDragon says:

    the silenced smg got vaulted in season 5 not released

  20. ItsDragon says:

    the tilted towers update came out in late season 2. this guy got alot of stuff wrong.

  21. GGStyle HD says:

    season 7 was great, but overall a good list.

  22. Anila Jawaid says:

    Before tilted was destroyed we wanted it to go but when it got destroyed,we realized how important that was for the game that's why season 9,10,11 feel like they aren't right

  23. Yummy Toes says:

    My frames are dead and game crashes shit season so far

  24. bod cloud says:

    Season X was actually pretty good. The last half of the season was the most balanced it has been ever and rift zones were actually very good. Barely any bugs. Should be around a 7

  25. Dude chapter 2 featured the ghoul trooper, how could u say it's item shop is not cool

  26. ItsRyanD says:

    This season can arguably be the best season imo. They should change the burst to Ak’s, make pumps like in season 10, have less variants of snipers and rpgs, add jump pads and atk.

  27. CLOTIC_KAM says:

    To me season 7 is the best

  28. Anyone remember the clean feeling of breaking shield on the first day of season 8

  29. SaW IsThan says:

    The giant shotgun nerf came in s5 not in s4 double pump came back in s4

  30. YT 2oracle says:

    This is wrong
    Tilted was introduced
    In season 2 not
    Season 3

  31. Samik Thusoo says:

    Can you guys make a video on how to find your true fortnite sensitivity based on your own personal preference for controller players? I feel as if a lot of people would really appreciate it since the majority of all fortnite players are on controller. I hope you acknowledge this comment. You guys are the best!! Thanks for making these highly educated videos for viewers like us!??

  32. Lil' Heart says:

    Season 8 had bugs. A lot…

  33. I would personally change season 9 and thats really it overall awesome ranking

  34. Why does everyone I talk to hate season 8

  35. Elusive XO says:

    Season 2 was without a doubt the most fun season

  36. Zappertonz says:

    At the start I called it I said season 3-4-8 were the best and season X/10 if by far the worst

  37. 14:17






    Bunker Jonesy


    I didn't have to look up any of them

  38. Quaid Smith0 says:

    When are you going to make another best setting video

  39. Ross Cook says:

    Season 7 was my favorite because of the theme I really like the music and the wraps

  40. Slap 6 and 7 out of the mix, and make season 11 #1! Like if u agree, and I love proguides

  41. 5 was the best than season 4 10 was awful defently the worst

  42. Beast LP says:

    Chapter 2 is by far the best season

  43. Fluxzy says:

    ? ????? ?? ?????? ??????

  44. Fluxzy says:

    ? ????? ?????? 4 ??? 7 ? ????? ?????? ????

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