Redmi K20 Pro One Week Review – Fortnite in the USA!



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Coming at you from Washington DC! Here is my quick one week review of the Redmi K20 Pro! I also share my first Fortnite gameplay on the phone. Thanks for watching and understanding as I don’t have my usual setup for filming! Have a good one! #RedmiK20Pro #Redmi #Frankietech

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22 Replies to “Redmi K20 Pro One Week Review – Fortnite in the USA!”

  1. Frankie Tech says:

    Cheers from the US guys! Just a short one here but I wanted to get something out to you all before the weekend! Have a good one!

  2. I came here for a review of the phone not a review of your gameplay

  3. dear my iphone guess what…
    " you're adopted "

  4. Why don’t you turn on show FPS?

  5. claim 300 V-bucks @t register is good

  6. claim 300 V-bucks @t register is good

  7. claim 300 V-bucks @t register is good

  8. SYFICO • says:

    Did…Did you play…play at 30 fps……

  9. Could it do 60fps on high? ?

  10. Ismail ZAKI says:

    How are you doing,
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  11. Hey Man, what about the 4G for that in US? Cause most of the bands are banned, how do you do?

  12. So can u play at 60fps graphics at high option?

  13. This is Wolfie. Do you know if it works with T-MOBILE?

  14. Tshg Drjsrn says:

    Hi does k20pro work in us with us sim cards?

  15. SupraNova says:

    Appreciate the vid, this is my next go phone, the first time I heard about its specs I couldn't believe it

  16. SupraNova says:

    The back IS glass right?

  17. Did you install fortnite from official website?

  18. May you please tell me where you buy it?

  19. asfiya baig says:

    Hi @Frankie, is this phone compatible with the US bands?


  21. David Shyer says:

    Im using this beast thats awesome!! ?
    But im gonna sell it for realme Xpro after its launching ?

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