Review: Hitman Hart – Wrestling with Shadows (1998) – VHS! (HQ)



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A great docu film for wrestling fans! Pink & Black Attack!!!
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  1. I mean it hitman hart wrestling with shadows was a terrible documentary to me yes I would love to hear a documentary from wwe after they called it truce with the world wildlife fund in 2012 because of the voice of Maxwell goof from a goofy movie and house of mouse playing steve burns from blues clues 20 years ago in the fairly odd parents movie channel chasers

  2. Saint318 says:

    Great Review, I loved this documentary it gave us an inside look at the wrestling world. I agree the match with Vince Mcmahon could have been so much better than it was. Sadly quite a few people in this movie have since passed away. Oh yeah I met Bret Hart at one of our local book stores back in 2007 during his book tour.

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