Roblox Fortnite But it’s actually Good…



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Welcome to scuffed Roblox Fortnite But it’s actually good (Strucid)
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29 Replies to “Roblox Fortnite But it’s actually Good…”

  1. GokuMuiPlays says:

    This is for mobile too and in mobile i have the thief skin

  2. bro the game isn't fortnite but in the description you did

  3. Those were minis those are basically bandages

  4. I’m over powered with ARs in this game

  5. jamylds16 YT says:

    Lachy more rblx BC FN it shat now

  6. Do island royale on roblox its basicaly fortnite but its just battle royale

  7. It doesn't work any more

  8. Biggo says:

    Fortnite Friday on Fortnite roblox lol

  9. XgameS93 says:

    "The FPS And Frames" Its the same Thing XD

  10. Lachlan if you want to play on my acount i am level 91

  11. Malvin EP says:

    I played this when you could edit the opponents builds

  12. Marko says:

    Green potions are for healt bar

  13. Tina Quirion says:

    That is health potion

  14. playing normal fortnite but its really bad

  15. ethan w says:

    my boy randumb getting so popular

  16. Leto Brady says:

    the green ones there not for shields there for health

  17. Am I the only person that wants to play this

  18. Him:I’m never gonna get sick of that

    Me:ima get used to this

    Me in to days:THIS GAME IS **

  19. The green potion is heals

  20. DeliriousHD says:

    Who wants Lachy to play more Roblox

  21. There is a new game caled island royale on roblox

  22. What it that Roblox game called

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