Saints Row: The Third – Shock and Awesome (Battlefield and Call of Duty Parody)


Call Of Duty

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Name: Saints Row: The Third
Release date: November 15, 2011
Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360
Publisher(s): THQ
Developer(s): Volition

45 Replies to “Saints Row: The Third – Shock and Awesome (Battlefield and Call of Duty Parody)”

  1. m0nty47 says:

    LOL this is a complete piss take of CoD MW3 and BF3 trailers, I thought it was going to be quite subliminal but it's so obvious XD

  2. The difference between cod fanboys and bf fanboys, bf fanboys laughs and has nothing againts this parody while cod fanboys are flipping shit out.

  3. Papa Pärmi says:

    @TommyXe ei vittu jätkä on nolife :DD kattoo jotai vitun homoponisarjaa :DD ei vittu isäs on varmaan ylpee :-DD

  4. TommyXe says:

    @PateOfficial Ei vittu pate mitä sä täällä väittelet viisaampien kanssa :DDD

  5. Papa Pärmi says:

    @Invulnerability11 / _ not going to argue with idiots

  6. FarfaOwns says:


    You win.

  7. Papa Pärmi says:

    @Invulnerability11 You stupid little piece of shit?

  8. Papa Pärmi says:

    @Invulnerability11 Why does it smell like stupid ass fanboy here who speaks shit in videos and doesnt play the game he likes..Fuck off sir, you are stupid as fuck. You smell in the trashcan, douchebag.

  9. redkid911 says:

    @lukasvelozo Grammar?

  10. this trailer is best than Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 together!

  11. Precreation says:

    @SilentcrisisUK Call of Duty games are good they dont deserve hate, but skyrim and these other games coming out are clearly superior

  12. Rick Hertel says:

    @SilentcrisisUK oh yeah theyre awesome…
    for 8 days!

  13. Mike Atkin says:

    Everyone hating on MW3, shut the fuck up. You're fucking retarded if you can't see that the Call of Duty games are great.

  14. @SteveThePCGamer I think that too.

  15. Cruton says:

    @Invulnerability11 you as an infant smelt good in a trashcan.

  16. Oh ThQ still go it… Haha

  17. Jared says:

    @SnoweyMan111 thats cool tell it to someone who cares

  18. JustCobra says:

    Saints Row 2 was okay, but this is simply too fucked up :/

  19. You're welcome. As seen on TV. Happy to help with anything else.

  20. @richardfps123 but why would they purposely make there game stupid, the first saints row was fun and had a good campaign, this just looks really stupid.

  21. alanwke says:

    this game combie cod3 and bt3 and..other=epic

  22. @Ostnizdasht206 well yeah

  23. kugashira101 says:

    Does anybody what song the lyrics at the beginning are from?

  24. kugashira101 says:

    @Timmieisblack Yeah… prostitution, drugs, violence, blood, dildos, curse words, nudity, gang warfare… oh yeah this game is DEFINITELY targeting 5 year olds… *rolls eyes*

  25. hindazz829 says:

    haha saints row trolling bf and mw3, its actually a really good trailer aswell

  26. Sgt Mumford says:

    @ArbynTheChiefFTW1 Bulletstorm developers also made a parody game of cod

  27. @LikeANinja64 I always respond. I never said I wouldn't comment back. I just pleaded you wouldn't comment back. And with that ending sentence, proves you are twelve. And with your terrible "knowledge", I believe you should just shut up and stop embarrasing yourself.

  28. KiLeTheKiLLa says:

    It actually looked a lot like the two games.

  29. Metrolander says:

    @pegorino1000 NO SHIT.

  30. @zachtothejohnso
    Damn right this game is a joke, it'll be as shitty as the sequel it's heir to.

  31. MrSnowman says:

    @ProjectResign How can you argue with me on this even.

    You don't know the definition of a troll it seems. If i was to troll him I would say something like "Yeah I agree, Saints row is way better than that shitty BF3, SR3 and MW3 FTW!"
    This quote does not represent my opinions but is constructed to aggrevate.
    Why it's aggrevating:
    1. I interpretate his message incorrectly
    2. I make a "fanboyish" statement
    3. I complain about something he likes.

    Now you're a basic level troll, good luck private.

  32. condorX2 says:

    creative action pack ads

  33. SPCG says:


  34. sam mallory says:

    @TheDRexor and also I told you I thought it was good humor and well played.

  35. sam mallory says:

    @TheDRexor haha so my statement is not proven wrong at all just I added some of my own opinion. Go do the research yourself the CoD and the BF series has sold more then the SR series.

  36. @FusionMusicMan Just in case you didnt know, Saints Row is meant to be a joke. Its all for fun. And if youre a troll congrats because you got me to reply 2/10

  37. Night says:

    they make trailer like bf3 in the end XD and Mw3 in the start

  38. @PlayingWithDeathEra Want a medal?

  39. IBIood says:

    I thought it was a fan made trailer cuz i saw the mw3 starter

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