SHOTGUN MESSIAH in Call of Duty Zombies!


Call Of Duty

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38 Replies to “SHOTGUN MESSIAH in Call of Duty Zombies!”

  1. Alright map. Took two days to watch. But did so. Thanks for playing YAW.

  2. John Smith says:

    all those skeletons flying out the map… thundergun is still my fav wonder weapon, it's just hilarious

  3. Mr. Koala says:

    2:15 "Well anything would be better than the M14 here let's just be honest here." -This post was made by Olympia gang

  4. jacob juhasz says:

    You guys started off with 220 points 22!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Beasty 90 says:

    I see the title and all am thinking….

    What?? ?? What's happening to the World?! Lol x cool those Zombies, creepy though, love the red XD

  6. Seth Henery says:

    Im watching this 22 hours later

  7. This is the coolest custom map! 7 Days of Zombies!

  8. I miss cod waw zombies

  9. Leo Ortega says:

    Can someone tell me why almost all the videos I watch of these guys have no ads??? It's scaring me.

  10. Quick! Before the town's electricity supply runs out. Comment quickly! No likes, just comments!

  11. Hey Meaty and Gunns are you guys planning on playing Outward?

  12. Not sure if this is true, the more the risk the better the reward. If you get hit like 2 times with a horde of zombies the box will have a better reward. Seeeeeeeee

  13. OhSoCali says:

    Perfect! 7Days and CoD zombies!

  14. Riad Machmud says:

    Face cam please so we could see the expreasion when you are playing

  15. I like this map. But they should have put the zombies from 7 days to die in this one. That would be interesting.

  16. I hope you make more Minecraft videos

  17. Go back Minecraft videos and make more please

  18. A can you friend come back and play Minecraft you guys should play Minecraft

  19. YAW I would love it if you would heart this. You guys are the best youtubers. You guys have been uploading for so many years and you guys didn't follow the crowd and play fortnite. Thank you for your service

  20. Good map YAW, thank you .

  21. Nate Schulte says:

    9:01 Someone please make Gunns' laugh a ringtone

  22. Where is ammo? Love the same catchphrases are used love it .. watching through all maps and love the repetition mang

  23. Therin 117 says:

    I saw 7 days to die and immediately clicked on the video

  24. The Rk5 packed is full auto Meaty

  25. remember back then wen YAW used to do minecraft map?
    good times

  26. Who remembers the I Like Gold LLC series??

  27. also shotgun messiah is a real band

  28. Zombie Mom says:

    Have you two tried dead by daylight? The game has come a LONG way and I think watching you two team up against a killer would be very entertaining!

  29. ANY weapon would be better than the M14? Even the SMR from Bo2?

  30. 2019 and 7 days is still in data

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