Shroud Reacts to Call of Duty Modern Warfare Gameplay – Modern Warfare Gameplay Reaction


Call Of Duty

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32 Replies to “Shroud Reacts to Call of Duty Modern Warfare Gameplay – Modern Warfare Gameplay Reaction”

  1. ⭐Can we get 200 likes on this video?

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  2. Lol he says he doesn't want to watch because it's on console? He's a fucking pleb 😂

  3. They picked the wrong ppl to test this game early. Should have been k3, dysmo, swagg, and testy or TKO.

  4. ClumsyNinja says:

    Got my downvote. Shit video

  5. spartan 6 says:

    It's hard to call this a reacts video cause shroud was flown out to actually play the game. His thoughts are that he likes it. There ya go

  6. iiXeno says:

    More of the same. At least cod 4 was the best one though.

  7. Meanwhile Shroud opinion "it's good game if it has bAtTle ROyAle"

  8. This is GAYPEX legends

  9. TryHard Mam says:

    no one playing on pc lol

  10. Ubaldie says:

    Why is this dude lying lmao

  11. Probably the most lazy "edit" I've ever seen. 20 minutes? Really?

  12. Peeks says:

    Why do people watch shroud, he has one of the worst personalities ever ever seen

  13. tree fgt says:

    Lmao now these twitch streamers gonna hop onto cod

  14. This looks like a mess

  15. Is the no mini map just the game mode?

  16. Shroud did the 2v2? Lol, I bet he completely ruined everyone elses experience who played on PC

  17. ThIs iS tHe SamE aS cS gO

  18. Miszory says:

    Doesn’t even look good there is better shooters on pc like squads

  19. Singleplayer is pretty important because if its done right people will have good memories of the game. You don't remember a multiplayer match but you sure do remember the ending of MW2 campaign or MW3 and what happened to the characters. If they have good characters in the singleplayer it can be good.

  20. SkiBert says:

    I'll be sticking with Blackout on BOPS4

  21. Zodiac says:

    “Shroud reacts to 5 seconds of gameplay”

  22. DieTryin says:

    Having JD demo this crap, mr fucking hype over anything he’s being paid to play. Was a stupid move on activisions part. We’re smart to the gaming industry at this point. Streamers are paid to promote a game. Activision and EA are at the forefront of this business practice. It hasn’t fooled anyone but the shills of social media. MW? I’ll just play R6, it’s a better game

  23. Imagine being so dense you dismiss something because it's on or either for console lol what a prick

  24. iJemsy says:

    I got killhouse vibes from that map.

  25. Jari says:

    Oh, I'm early. Here's my chance for a dumb joke: Within moments, the detective figured out what the murder weapon was. It was a brief case.

  26. there better not be a battle royal game mode 😒

  27. UnknownUser says:

    Shroud doesn't even play CoD, his opinion is worthless.

  28. xVast says:

    Wow im early?! Since when i do this

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