Simple Tricks to Edit Faster on Controller! (Fortnite Console PS4/Xbox)



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►Edit Course:

►Creator Code: Teadoh

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?My Fortnite Settings:
Regular Controller
No Claw
X: 78 , Y: 70
ADS: 35
Building Sensitivity: 1.30

?PS4 Controller Binds (Modified Builder Pro)
Switch mode = Triangle
Edit = Touch Pad
Confirm = Square
Reset = R1
Map = Circle
Toggle Pickaxe = Up D-Pad
Inventory = Down D-Pad

►Background Music:
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30 Replies to “Simple Tricks to Edit Faster on Controller! (Fortnite Console PS4/Xbox)”

  1. Teadoh says:

    Many of you asked why I don't move my camera much while editing, here's why!

    You guys basically run my channel, so what do you guys want to see next!
    The video suggestion with the most likes is most likely what I'm doing next.

  2. ethan nguyen says:

    one of the few channels that are actually mad useful

  3. SaiYah says:

    finally, a actual helpful edit tut

  4. Finally a vid thats not 10min long

  5. Tedoh i just want to tell you thank you for the edit stuff it really helped me. Keep up the good work

  6. Santi says:

    Summarizing the video into 4!words : just buy a scuf

  7. justkennethb says:

    Holyy f** man great tips thanks ! Like and subsribed !!!

  8. Could you do a vid on how to easily edit pyramid/floor, I always struggle to edit the triangle as i always edit the floor instead…

  9. Myxin says:

    Pls do a video on how to use aimassist perfectly

  10. shamood. says:

    been playing since season 0 and im still having trouble with edits sometimes…

  11. Rage Stormz says:

    what finger do u use to edit

  12. Crfeeze says:

    1:44 “mom it’s cold in here” ?

  13. Ashy Boi says:

    How did you change your confirm button

  14. CHUCKY _903 says:

    Fucking Beast Bro 1:38 Super Helpful Nd Never Thought Or Seen That Ramp Practice U Showed By Turning Upwards Nice..

  15. what doing says:

    Mom it's cold in here lol

  16. Vertexツ says:

    I never knew you were able to edit diagonally thanks for the tips brother! I subed!

  17. Mrsmooth520 says:

    What’s your edit delay on?

  18. Thanks bro this is the new trend everyone doing and I'm stuck on edit assist on cutting that shit off when I go home thanks

  19. Nutella Boy says:

    I subbed cause of these good tips

  20. Thank you so much u kinda inspired me to play claw and i just want to say thanks for that

  21. qenxs- says:

    most of them also works for mouse and keyboard

  22. If I trick you you have to like this comment.

    Read More

  23. AF Sanchez says:

    Wow thanks I am so using that

  24. Thắng Pham says:

    how can u change the confirm buton ?

  25. Despite the coldness. . You got a sub for the description by itself ?

  26. SonnyG 123 says:

    Show us ur key binds pls

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