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21 Replies to “SKATE PARK – WALL BUY ONLY CHALLENGE (Call of Duty Zombies)”

  1. Josh_Gaming says:

    I'm so glad they still post

  2. Mythicxl says:

    Why don't you aim in

  3. Come on you guys why don,t you play athor game i am sick to see you guys play call of duty zombie play athor game pleeezee!!!???

  4. Noah Burton says:

    3 videos 1 day!! You guys are awesome

  5. you should play that new apex game or stream it like you guys did on PubG

  6. I love how they think that the teddies gave them the GKZs when it was filling the souls

  7. Its crazy too think how long Meaty and Guns haves been doing this.

  8. Meaty always gets screwed over by perks lol but Gunn’s always gets the the awesome perks but great gameplay you guys and this was a good map

  9. Cj Reyes02 says:

    Won't back down, p!nk ft. Eminem

  10. Zach Juarez says:

    Seems kinda repetitive

  11. elux lucis says:

    Are you guys ever going to try zombies gun game again?

  12. James says:

    Bruh there back at it again with tha challenges Boi!!!

  13. Do a challenge were guns has wall guns only and meaty has box only

  14. Kyle Fansler says:

    Who tf disliked this! Well whoever did it is just has a sad miserable life.

  15. dayton murdy says:

    hey meaty its recoil I was not expecting you

  16. Rekt Co1997 says:

    Minecraft ehhh? Errrerrrrrrrr

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