So I Bought All Modded Argon in Fortnite Save The World



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24 Replies to “So I Bought All Modded Argon in Fortnite Save The World”

  1. Use code JAYDELLAMINA in the FORTNITE item shop and make this blue if you love Jay Gamer

  2. I would really love dose also your vids are amazing my PS4 is Xxbarge51xX

  3. Can i have a argon plz the fire and the nature plz

  4. Seif Nasr says:

    Yo Jay I have a 121 Jacks revenge that is new to the community and I have a fire 121 Jacks revenge that is has 3 only crafted and the others are energy Hope you see that comment !!!?

  5. The fire worth 150 ?and the water I more rare than the fire the only 1 that is rare is the physical

  6. SenzyNL says:

    How many cost the only nature argon?

  7. I really want a fire Argon really bad and the water

  8. Sanity II says:

    Can I buy the physical argon for 600 sunbeam

  9. Gay faggots this channel is faker than sernandoe

  10. Fresh Panda says:

    1 year ago rip x???

  11. ICY magicc says:

    Can we trade in a longtime fan

  12. Ocean Fluidz says:

    Could I please get 1 gun from u

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