So I Found The Rarest JACKO LAUNCHER! in Fortnite Save The World



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I think I have found the…

40 Replies to “So I Found The Rarest JACKO LAUNCHER! in Fortnite Save The World”

  1. Jay Gamer says:

    Thanks for all your nice comments ❤️??

  2. Rain says:

    I want to see you shoot that water jacko what if you shoot it again and it’s still 0/20

  3. I have 8 perk sieges and storm blade, the whole modded grave set, modded candy corns with fire and physical legacy argons jackos… DM me on discord idk my epic I just need sunbeam and Brightcore @LIL TENDER175 (50+rep)[xbox] Im in your server

  4. yoo , i have like 6 130 godrolls 0/300 , r they really rare ?

  5. i got something way more rare…in battle royale i got a 0/10 grappler lmfao not kidding it didnt shoot lol

  6. Why did you fake this video my friend traded with you wen u gave you that jacko and now u make a new video that’s fake that’s your friend his gonna give your stuff back

  7. jay i have a 130 legacy jacko and i rlly want to trade with u so can u please trade with me? my psn: gimme20sr

  8. Curly Haylie says:

    Dam that jako is cool and nice video??

  9. I whatch your vids every day bro keep on the with that great content jay I would like you to add me my epic is aristiponce321 if you add me it would mean the world to me

  10. zombie cub48 says:

    i craft water jackos

  11. red angel says:

    Dm me if you want to trade

  12. red angel says:

    I have a 20/20 water punken launcher

  13. LuniHD says:

    But rip I only got 100 sun from yous

  14. LuniHD says:

    Was good trading it too you

  15. SAV0 GRAB says:

    I got a 3 perks silence smg 106 gold throw

  16. kdx Gaming says:

    Got one of those jacks os

  17. Hey Jay I have a bunch of mats and guns to donate for a giveaway or something add StayPuft.TTV

  18. Ho Lee Chit says:

    I have a nature Jack o launcher….in my dreams

  19. Cozmo says:

    Imagine if you accidentally clicked it to shoot it? 😕

  20. Jay i have sume moded guns for trade my epic is Fazail_11

  21. I have 3 130 jackos 0/20 dura what do you mean?

  22. Virus games says:

    Nice vid love? your channel✌

  23. It’s actually less rare because it’s not legacy and go for less price

  24. Hey I have a 6 roll vindertech shotgun

  25. I have a 0 durability founders blazing masmune

  26. I have a 121 moded obsidian dragons roar

  27. survy says:

    Hey guys I am going to sleep I hope when I wake up I would get to 50 subs

  28. TSM_MYT says:

    That’s over paying don’t do it

  29. Does Jay even heart his comments?

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