So I tried stream sniping PewDiePie on Fortnite and DONATED…



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So I stream sniped PewDiePie on Fortnite and DONATED…

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Pewds ❤️
(felix if u see this plz let me carry u, idc about even recording it for a video i just wanna play with u sempai)

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49 Replies to “So I tried stream sniping PewDiePie on Fortnite and DONATED…”

  1. Potato Dash says:

    Sub to PewDiePie to get free air

  2. 7:11 did he just say PewDiePie is CUTE!?!?

  3. Honestly sad how excited and salty he was getting over pewdiepie

  4. Sebby Seb says:

    Key word “Tried”!!!!!

  5. Bro ur gay u said he’s cute 7:10

  6. My friend is a pro default

  7. Ninjay 42 says:

    Ive been watching since slender man the 8 pages

  8. yoB ttaF says:

    Isn't that just abit weird havin the same chair as him and gayyyyyy to be calling him cute wtf

  9. Kylie Rose says:

    All the sweats were trying to snipe Pewds

  10. BIONIC:oMg Im PlAyInG with PEWdiePIE

    Video:just watching pewds playing fortnite….

  11. DunksforDayz says:

    Biggest fan but you just subscribed in this video lmao fucking idiot

  12. iogo176 says:

    Half of the video is pewdipies live screen

  13. Diana Nieves says:

    Say biggest fan then mr.beast

  14. Remember when he gathered his 9 yr old army, Pepperidge Farm remembers…

  15. LukandIvanTV says:

    Pewdiepie is way better than t series

  16. Anderson Lin says:

    oh I thought you unsubscribed

  17. Every time u sub to pewdiepie you get a world record

  18. aaron.o alv says:

    Then why you not subd to he hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!

  19. MR SMG4 says:

    Is is a Mr beast vid a 100$

  20. Stimpeen says:

    I am a real default

  21. Asar Khan says:

    Days Pewds biggest fan. Prays for him to die

  22. NiteOwl 408 says:

    Sub to me and help me hit 60 subs

  23. Csanád Bagi says:

    you said in the opening of the video you will donate him 1000 dollars and in the end you only donated him 100 dollars?

  24. NiteOwl 408 says:

    Sub to Pewdiepie for free vbucks

  25. NiteOwl 408 says:

    Who else heard bionic "he so cute"

  26. HorseDude101 says:

    He says he's his biggest fan and he just subed to him. Smh

  27. Wrong mr beast is his biggest fan

  28. noam shachar says:

    Is facking looking my pin

  29. What a dumbass lmao you have your servers set to east coast you would never have got into a game with him when he lives in the UK

  30. Issy Kenna says:

    U said u would donate 1000 but u only donated 100 did any one else notice

  31. Connuh says:

    dude he plays video games you don't need to have an orgasm whenever he hits a single shot

  32. Mac Miller says:

    You only donate 100, when MrBeast donates like 10000

  33. Darkrai345 says:

    Hes trying to get clout smh

  34. Your not his biggest fan mrbeast is

  35. LeviD15 says:

    No you didn’t fucking liar, please youtube this is unacceptable

  36. Every body in the world wants peedi pie to win the race but we Indian dont care about it at all India got 28 languages and tseries produce songs only on Hindi, only north indians(50%) want to will subscrib to tseries the most Indian population is in South india,some many people dont know the name of tseries, thanks you higlted the competition , so I subscribed to tseries

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