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Call Of Duty

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Swiftor Says #83 Kill Trees – Call of Duty Black Ops 2 |…

46 Replies to “Swiftor Says #83 Kill Trees – Call of Duty Black Ops 2 | Swiftor”

  1. Nick Miller says:

    Man its 2019 and this is way back when swiftor was able to tell who messed up legendary content right here ladies Anna gentlemen

  2. swift shot the wrong person when he shot rebirth

  3. Kris Cedillo says:

    hey i am a big fan of you swifter what is your name of your ps3 i want to play whit you

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  6. Swiftor i like your vídeos

  7. Scrapper says:

    can i join
    USERNAME = ichase 123FUCKERS


  9. If you have a ps3 add benjs2006

  10. SeaPeach says:

    You killed the wrong guy!

  11. swiftor do u play ps3? can i add you or you add me this looks really fun but how do i qualify to play with you? my user name is midwestjeff please add me… please respond too…

  12. OG-_- ColaTo says:

    Add me ABE_COLATO_7

  13. why did he kill you 

  14. gio says:

    Dude I'm your biggest fan

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  16. Can i.join

    My.username : justinjtdope

  17. Anyone wanna play this on bo2? Add me xbox stabbingmonkey9

  18. IvoryGem23 says:

    Ilove your vids you and they are awesome

  19. Can u add me in ps3 so we can play switor

  20. Carsxn lewis says:

    Whats his theme song

  21. Greg Norton says:

    whats up swifftor I just subed ive wached a lot of your vids love them

  22. 胡森特 says:

    Can i play Swiftor Says? I have a Ps3

  23. LPSPhoemela says:

    Can I play swiftor says in PS3 because I really love your swiftor says and Michael Myers also I have a microphone plus I'm a female and I play call of duty black ops || (2)

  24. Mr Binx says:

    ur welcome for all the support

  25. do swiftor says on pc 
    want  to join you guys :p

  26. Leevi White says:

    Hey swiftor I really like your vids can you do more micheal myers plz

  27. elene misho says:

    All your videos are funny

  28. Julian Layne says:

    Add me my name is l1Commando1

  29. I love your vids plz tell me your name on psn I dint want to say mine incase

  30.  My nickname is Trees 🙁

  31. joao rojas says:

    my gametag is tying guitiar 270

  32. joao rojas says:

    i want to be in a video please 

  33. Angela Cosby says:

    you missed a person who jumped off

  34. hey swiftor can u can i play swiftor says with u when u come online

  35. TGE Trinity says:

    Bald swifter Balls

  36. my psn is wereawesomedevil

  37. JVrh says:

    Hey guys I have a youtube too so if you want to do something like this add me at psycho 24714

  38. simmi elias says:

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  39. janan shaaya says:

    Swiftor can i be in one of your swifter says game please I'm a big fan of yours and my name is Acjays13

  40. The car is a Lamborghini

  41. Im Moofin says:

    6:35 wrong person you shot.

  42. Good video… Anybody wants to play on ps3

  43. j michael says:

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