SypherPK Explains How He Would FIX Arena! (Fortnite Chapter 2)



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50 Replies to “SypherPK Explains How He Would FIX Arena! (Fortnite Chapter 2)”

  1. Jose Sold says:

    Bro said longitevity instead on longevity

  2. Try the razor viper ultimate
    Its wireless

  3. Ian Defrees says:

    Me: Wow 9/11 was a terrible event in history

    Shyper PK: HERE ME OUT!

  4. Thereโ€™s a lot more sweats in arena and itโ€™s not enjoyable ๐Ÿ™โ˜น๏ธ

  5. Alex Obando says:

    Itโ€™s โ€œlongevityโ€ you uneducated streamer. Lateral-tude, where did you go to school? Or did you even go to school?

  6. Tfue said something similar, and I said the same thing too before I stopped playing. Siphon is the only thing that'll bring me back.

  7. GeckoMC says:

    Arena is not fun for me

  8. Kang says:

    1:50 Did my man really just box up to open a chest smh, youโ€™re cracked Sypher you donโ€™t need to be so paranoid

  9. I think sypher blacked out for a second and just started making up words

  10. Drew says:

    โ€œLongitivityโ€ lol

  11. AetheusZX says:

    Longevity , LONG-JEV-VITY

  12. Lik says:

    For me Arena is easier than normal pubs

  13. Kalim KBH says:

    i think syphon shouldn't be in the battle royal it make the game unhealthy

  14. Euphoria says:

    I just wanna say that the glorious model O- feels completely wireless. As someone who hates wired mice Iโ€™ve been very happy with the model o very cheap and lightweight and basically wireless

  15. Heโ€™s not even like a sweat he just plays smart.

  16. Stunner Mane says:

    this game sucks now and is for little kids. seriously.

  17. Elvis Kuang says:

    Sypher tf man I always land there now everyone knows about the mats ๐Ÿ˜…

  18. damian john says:

    can u gift me a battle pass plz

  19. Liam Naidoo says:

    Should have watched LG kiwiz video on it

  20. Beezy Baby says:

    SKBMM really hurts when you are down 1 player in squads. Hate running fill because of the obvious reasons. Agree or Disagree? Why canโ€™t solo,duo,trio,squads be full time modes in both pubs and arena?

  21. I see you going to woodlands

  22. DunkinNugget says:

    Yo Sypher, you should link your videos where you showcase the tricks you do on the top right corner the "i" icon. Like that instant trap placement kill you got @11:20. it's a pain having to look for that video again and even more so now that you have another channel lol Either way I just thought I would suggest it, could be a good way to get new viewers to view your previous videos as they would go to watch the trick you performed here and maybe watch the rest of that video, keep up the great work dude.

  23. Ty Bur says:

    oh great, another clickbait title with corny thumbnails.

  24. When SypherPK get more supercharged XP then you… ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  25. pop corn says:

    smh out of all the names in the world he pickes jonathan ………………………dick

  26. Jia Randhawa says:

    SypherPK for president

  27. Dylan Adams says:

    There should be console only arena

  28. Adel Osman says:

    the word you was looking for is longevity! not longitude or latitude!

  29. Dang sypher just bullied me out of nowhere

  30. Therez zero reason for them to not add siphon back into pubs. Their original concerns no longer apply

  31. The problem is there arent really divisions. Nothing to compare with or feel like your competing. The only good thing about arena is all the extra mats/health

  32. DEF BIGL says:

    7:50 if someone 3 party you that exact moment, fall damage 100 %

  33. NatGee99 says:

    Sypher you are a beast

  34. MrRaiiney says:

    Sypher- I donโ€™t want to contribute to bullying

    Also Sypher- proceeds to bully the kid hiding in a bush by killing him with a trap.

  35. John Depz says:

    this channels pure aids

  36. Your a great guy n I like your thoughts n opions

  37. John doe says:

    perfect idea. epic cannot think straight by themselves. thanks for being our voice

  38. Austin Henry says:

    Arena cosmetics! Because when you want to pub stomp… you want your opponents to know you come from the cold hard streets of arena and flex on em! ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿฝ

  39. nieze veger says:

    Long sensitivity of the game. Bro


  40. Your videos are so boring lately , no more energy no nice montage videos of highlights with some interesting info ! U losing it

  41. Trollz456 says:

    3:20 He must not know about the Razer Viper…

  42. really… wireless.. im sorry but thats so stupid lmao. wired allllll the way

  43. Justin Price says:

    I dont think I've ever disagreed with even one of your ideas. You need to work for epic and get those morons in charge tf outta there

  44. MangoFN says:

    You could try the new razer viper ultimate, it is lighter and just overall better, although I still like the g pro wireless better. Vid for razer viper ultimate:

  45. whats the difference between arena and solo?

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