Tfue fortnite aim practice *INSANE*



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23 Replies to “Tfue fortnite aim practice *INSANE*”

  1. TW.XDjs14 says:

    What’s this called

  2. Pyroxia says:

    He plays jumbo tile frenzy and god 162 score what is insane?

  3. PC Players: Complaining about console having aim assist.

    Also PC Players:

  4. Edcap Tv says:

    very degital intro here nice one

  5. Vilma Casa says:

    Impressive introduction take care and God bless.

  6. Hey uhhhhhhhhhhhhh is tfue a robot or a super human?

  7. Dante Downey says:

    AIMER7 : Hold my beer

  8. mama mu says:

    My highscore there is only 132

  9. 5iLenT says:

    Hes like one punch man but in gaming

  10. WAK JAK says:

    Tbh tile frenzy won't help u in game cus barely any of the players are standing still

  11. DOINKARINO says:

    Ayo have you heard of Castlers? If not search up Castlers Aimstars

  12. paul says:

    pls dont play this scenario join the sparky discord and ask the people there πŸ™‚

  13. Wraith says:

    Jumble tile frenzy is the worst for practicing

  14. LeeOne 2000 says:

    Ik this sounds fake but I can almost do as good as him just a little away.

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