Tfue Fortnite Settings 2019 (Sensitivity, Video & Keybinds)



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You can also find Tfue’s Fortnite Settings on this website:

Note: Tfue’s Fortnite sensitivity settings are on 400 DPI.

In this video Tfue’s sensitivity, video settings & keybinds in the game Fortnite are shown.

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Tfue’s Fortnite Settings are a good starting point for new players since they are perfectly optimized for long range and short range fights. If it…

49 Replies to “Tfue Fortnite Settings 2019 (Sensitivity, Video & Keybinds)”

  1. Important addition to Tfue's Fortnite sensitivity settings. His DPI is 400.

  2. Nodiar says:

    my dpi is 45. ripping all the headshots through hehe

  3. Vx4 Esport says:

    Wcwwwecwceqceqceeceeeceece Ceceec ec ceecece ce ce ce ecececececdwcaq caceecwqwdeeeweeccqwrwecqe lia

  4. Barnaby says:

    Hold fuck his senc is so high.. I play on 0.1 x and y and 0.055 targeting and 0.045 scope. Should I change it?

  5. Michael says:

    holy shit I just looked up tfues sens and mine is the same
    I have 800 dpi .05 sens he has 400 dpi .1

  6. DrMontrays says:

    I was watching tfue play with the flamingo skin i watched this changed
    my settings, and guess what showed up in the item shop

  7. That is not the real one

  8. Thienes04 says:

    how is he able to play on fullscreen

  9. Ricko says:

    I just copied his keybinds cause I’m new I usually play ps4 and I switched to pc and his settings are so easy I’m already doing 90s and it’s barely my second time play pc🙃

  10. 3:54 Says Shopping Cart definitely not 2019..

  11. Kooked Lebo says:

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    My Chanel is dead
    My only hope is you

  12. Jean Carlos I competed true keybinds

  13. NEON_YAHIYA says:

    How tfue build with these hard setting

  14. Azure says:

    FYI don’t bother to copy sensitivity because he definitely has a different DPI than you

  15. 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111

  16. Oriel Zer says:

    Is it just me or when I do mouse wheel down it is mouse wheel up

  17. Jay 10 says:

    What’s his hud scale

  18. expid TAZZ says:

    Your keybinds are fire

  19. jdea18 says:

    How do you auto run fast without having it bound

  20. Does anybody know what dpi is?

  21. ツCoffeeYT says:

    How does he switch his quick bar??

  22. ActiveGeek7 says:

    Old video, he has new resolution

  23. souP_riceEE says:

    i use left shift as wall instead of c. that's the only difference for my keybinds

  24. Andre Miller says:

    He miss the dead zone

  25. Carden says:

    What is his wall bind?

  26. I tried 400 dpi it’s slow af

  27. congratulations for the video

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