The Hitman’s Bodyguard – Official Movie Review



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The Hitman’s Bodyguard starring Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L. Jackson and Salma Hayek directed by Patrick Hughes is reviewed by Christy Lemire ( Alonso Duralde (Linoleum Knife, TheWrap) and Matt Atchity.

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The world’s top protection agent (Ryan Reynolds) is called upon to guard the life of his mortal enemy, one of the world’s most notorious hitmen (Samuel L. Jackson). The…

37 Replies to “The Hitman’s Bodyguard – Official Movie Review”

  1. I finally saw this movie…and it was pretty damn good. Unfortunate so many reviewers had a stick up their asses.

  2. Aaron Coke says:

    Don't agree with the panel on this one. This movie doesn't take itself to seriously and I believe people are being too harsh. This is a movie you'll find yourself enjoying if your looking for something to watch for a couple of hours, that has car chases, explosions and love interests. Perfect for streaming, worth a watch but certainly not at a cinema IMO.

  3. JR says:

    I feel like Christie and Matt don't really care for each other.

  4. I think if you realize it's a movie that doesn't take itself seriously, and go just for fun and over-the-top antics, then you'll like it. Don't go expecting a deep or poignant storyline. More than anything, I think it's a movie poking fun at the genre and in that, it's funny.

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  6. Elkins859 says:

    Dude i haven't been on here in like two or more years and holy shit i didnt recognize matt!

  7. mgeek1 says:

    What snobs. I didn't go to the theatre to see Nocturnal Animals. I've already seen that film and it was great. I went to see a fun action romp and escape for two hours. Was it the best thing I've ever seen in my whole life? No, but I was satisfied. All I can say is that everyone in my showing was laughing loudly, so it worked at least on a comedic level.

  8. "Don't see this sober…" Nicely worded. How about, create a clone of yourself so that you don't have to go see it at all. Then… kill your clone before he gets to the theater.

  9. Nakadu says:

    This was a funny film. No need for Jackson's character to risk his life getting to court though……could've just emailed the link and password to the evidence lol.

  10. Stu Wright says:

    really really, SHIT film…..for kids who dont care ……..i was thinking whats this movie about too……glad I didnt watch it all…..glad the reviewers were level headed about the review…..its LAME

  11. jmac2050 says:

    So the movie was good, another case of reviewers tring to hard to be critical

  12. Doom Muffinz says:

    The trailers were great, if they really start doing the whole "well start to get along over time even though we hate each other" thing, the movie wouldve been much better. The trailers were perfect s.s

  13. Barackus says:

    This film doesn't need a complex story. It's an action comedy with plenty of action, and plenty of comedy. It does exactly what it needs to do. "the film is too loud!" That would be something that an old couple would say. I think its fair to judge a movie on what it is intended for. IF you judge every movie as if it were an oscar worthy film, you're gonna get alot of 2's 3''s and 4's. which is not really a helpful scale. People who like action comedy movies are going to enjoy this.

  14. idk if this film was meant to be taken that seriously.

  15. aw, come on! it was funny! what they were expecting high brow drama? cultural commentary? it was supposed to be fun. it achieved that.

  16. This movie made me laugh way harder than I thought it would. And I usually hate these types of movies. Go see it.

  17. John Freeman says:

    Only saw the first red band trailer so I didn't know what the movie was about going into it, but was definitely entertained throughout the whole thing. It's a cheesy summer weekend popcorn flick; take it for what it is and enjoy the silliness.

  18. moviedude22 says:

    OK Hold up!!!!! WHO the FLICK is that slender gentleman to the right of Alonso Duralde, that vaguely resembles a short plump film critic I used to recognize!?!

  19. bigraviolees says:

    Reynolds is a one trick pony

  20. David Leary says:

    I don't even think this is worth seeing at the second run theater that's about 5 miles away from me where tickets are $2.50 and they have big recliners.

  21. Let's just be real: the trailers looked great.

  22. Brandon says:

    this movie got great reviews in holland

  23. Sadly, this is just another Hollywood's StateDep/CIA/neo-lib/neocon propaganda hack job. While Belorussian president is authoritarian, indeed, he is not big on "crimes" at all, at least comparing to the "allies" such as the kingdoms of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, Turkey, Israel and others. All Hollywood has ever done is to brainwash Americans with smear against the official "enemies list" that would make them support regime change coups and wars abroad against "bad guys". You will never see the countries I mentioned as "evil" in films even though they are the worst on the planet.

  24. DemiRonin says:

    This was the best balanced review I've ever seen on WTF. Like everyone let everyone say their piece and were careful to not to step over the other. Especially Alonso @4:25

  25. Christy! The hottest milf on the interwebs!!!!

  26. It would've been funnier if they did a rain man-esque kinda movie.

  27. Chris Wright says:

    I like seeing that Ryan Reynolds is going seriously grey now in his beard and his mane. His vapidness, his tasteless empty-calorie charisma, his utter lack of substance and shallowness of character is finally making its way to the surface for all to see. I would imagine he's a serious alcoholic to be going that grey this early. The void in his soul, the lack of engagement with reality, with higher wisdom, is something that he tries to drown with booze, and it just does not work, it just brings him closer to his grave.

    And that's fine with me because I never cared for him or bought his vapid schtick. He has this world-weary smarter-than attitude that he just seems incapable or unwilling to evolve out of, ever since his first movie, the middling and forgettable Van Wilder. He seems totally immune to maturity, from learning from his mistakes, or worse yet he doesn't even think he's made any mistakes. Has he actually convinced himself that he's leading a worthwhile life? It seems so starkly obvious that he is not, but hey, as long as Ryan remains a slave to money and a slave to fame, thinking that he can redeem his life while being a dancing puppet for Hollywood, it's not going to get any better.

  28. Chris Wright says:

    This movie has one of the most odious posters and clunky titles ever to pollute the 21st century. I know that studio executives are not renowned for their good taste or common sense, but "The Hitman's Bodyguard"? Come on, that's just such an unwieldy mouthful, it broadcasts its inepititude and moronic conception at the very outset. And Sam Jackson, one of the most admirable and hilarious cats around, when you put him cowering in the arms of Ryan Reynolds, who I have no time for at all, all I can do is throw my hands up in disgust and walk away. Yes, I know it's apeing The Bodyguard, and no I don't give a shit, it's still a stupid concept, and The Bodyguard wasn't very good either, In The Line of Fire works much better. There's just so much wrong with this movie it's not even worth my time to unravel it any further. It's mind pollution to even contemplate. I'll just say it looks like a real heap of shit and call it a day, and I'm disappointed in Sam for saying yes I'll take the role. Keep your dignity dude, forget the paycheck, you don't need it with the amount you've earned since Pulp Fiction.

  29. This guys are out of touch with the real reviews,they give spoilers,there are out of touch with the real fan of movies.
    I just watch few reviews and only one I like ,found a new guys doing reviews for the fans ….right on the money
    u reviews with frankie d. first time I watch him and I like it the way they review……very funny

  30. Alonso is INCAPABLE of reviewing a film without spoiling it.

  31. So, it's a glorified remake of 16 Blocks. Who the fuck in their right mind was asking for THAT?

  32. Alana Branch says:

    Ryan Reynolds playing Deadpool playing Ryan Reynolds….

  33. Dante Ratto says:

    2:23 "No shit" Yeah, that's how you got back in time.

  34. Damn, I was really excited for this one too.

  35. fomoran says:

    Just heard the review by 'double toasted', one hated it and the other said he laughed a lot, could they have been the critic friends?

  36. AlleyCap says:

    I'll probably go see this when my moviepass card comes in the mail. Otherwise I don't think I'd see it.

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