The KING of Call of Duty! (H2O Delirious Challenge) | Modern Warfare (3 vs 3 Matches!)


Call Of Duty

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The new 3vs3 mode and maps are AWESOME, especially w/friends! 😀
More Modern Warfare –



27 Replies to “The KING of Call of Duty! (H2O Delirious Challenge) | Modern Warfare (3 vs 3 Matches!)”

  1. 13ices says:

    Delirious in the beginning ?

  2. Arditi69 says:

    First time watching on your channel. Years of watching you on vanoss and delirious’s channel. I subbed. Sorry for not coming sooner.

  3. Jay Broskii says:

    I wanna see you play this a lot more ?!

  4. Please play more modern warfare!!

  5. the unknown says:

    Why did that Luciano person sounded like Nogla when he died at 4:23 ? ??

  6. Ohm got tiredlireous in this video, you can hear it in his voice

  7. TheKang FTW says:

    That's my like, here's my comment

  8. Never get tired of watching Ohmwrecker WRECK other players.

  9. Marsh says:

    I want more. Please lots more

  10. Lmao when Delirious said what did they pay you had me dying

  11. 19:40 Best moment of Delirious. ?

  12. Ohm: They got the High ground.

    Squirrel: Hold my nuts.

  13. Ohm you should Rainbow Six Siege

  14. ohm please do friends V friends ??

  15. MiksteR_RdY says:

    First reading your title, then seeing your gameplay, Delirious must be on some serious drugs.

  16. Ko Lee says:

    (21:28) Delirious "360°!!!" ???

  17. LG NQ says:

    This was so much fun!!! How in the hell doesnt it have more views!!! :/

  18. That 360 knife throw was fucking awesome of course it had to be delirious fucking legend. ???

  19. JoeRyRy says:

    Ohm could I possibly play a game or two of modern warfare with y’all please?

  20. Blure neon says:

    If you want to his face go to google and search i am wildcat and you will see his other friends and then you sometimes find ohm but yeah his face his there

  21. Great video great content enjoy the game play God played play more invite toonzie next time if you can.

  22. You guys are so funny to watch

  23. Y RS says:

    Finalllllly! The GOODNESS MHMMM

  24. This game has so many bugs. It’s honestly ridiculous

  25. I can't wait for more Ohm can't wait for more mondering warefare?

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