The Most Underrated Weapon in Call of Duty WW2!


Call Of Duty

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Call of Duty WW2 has a wide variety of guns and weapons. In this video we take a look at the weapon in Call of Duty WW2 that I believe is the most underrated. Hope you Enjoy!

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27 Replies to “The Most Underrated Weapon in Call of Duty WW2!”

  1. Jxk G says:

    'Slow fire rate high damage' r u sure bout dat it's the opposite ?

  2. The M2 is probably my favorite weapon in the game

  3. mlandau2776 says:

    The BO3 equivalent would be the Man o war.

  4. I knew it I just never used it

  5. DEMISE says:

    M1A1 is the best semi auto AR ever in ww2

  6. Just bought the m2 like a week ago

  7. Blindy HD says:

    What’s the difference?

  8. Kaleb Holden says:

    Isn't that map the resistance

  9. it's not good for kill chains though I've used it a lot with and without attachments, even with extended mags in small maps unless you get lucky and hit players that have low health because since it takes 3 shots to kill you have to focus on getting headshots or make sure you hit all those 3 shots so anyone with an smg or a shotgun can beat you most of the time because those weapons have more mobility which makes players move faster and make you miss shots the only weapons you have a chance against is rifles lmgs and sniper rifles

  10. Sandra R. says:

    Volkssturmgewehr is my favorit

  11. M2 Carbine is a good weapon, and it should have been in Black Ops because it’s mostly used in Vietnam than WWII

  12. Thomas S says:

    Everyone praising the avs but the m2 has faster fire rate, faster ads, better hip fire and less recoil.

  13. Chris Patane says:

    What gun do you use for the cavalry division

  14. M1A1 is more underrated and also better ?

  15. SpaDeZz says:

    Lol dont even play the game tbh

  16. Adnan Susic says:

    What was the buff it got?

  17. SCXR LUNX says:

    Please pin this comment I LOVE your vids and just beat cancers butt and pinning this comment will make my day I just subbed to you thank you

  18. Milton Jesus says:

    If you change the triggers to the bumpers and have a trigger finger your can destroy

  19. Cerry says:

    “Has a very low recoil”

  20. Milton Jesus says:

    What about the m 1 a1

  21. Is this the weapon that we get from the community challenge

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