The Next Call of Duty May Have Just Been Revealed in the Strangest Way – IGN News


Call Of Duty

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NFL players and 2019 draft prospects attended a private Call of Duty event, possibly letting the newest game title slip in the process.

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22 Replies to “The Next Call of Duty May Have Just Been Revealed in the Strangest Way – IGN News”

  1. OZZYD31TA says:

    A little late IGN. Plus really football players. How about veterans & servicemen that would have been greater PR. Great more trashy CODs. Yeahhhhhh loot crates

  2. Call of Duty: Infinity +1 Warfare

  3. Shadow Ops says:

    Tell me something we don't know.

  4. gamedude171 says:

    I bet that they’ll do a combo pack with MW2 remastered

  5. John34 cm says:

    Call of duty ghosts 2 for 2020 maybe

  6. BuzeDang says:

    Damn we done with Black Ops 4

  7. Manuel Cruz says:

    If it's a single player on the adventures of young Captain Price, I'll care

  8. 333 says:

    Not really bothered at this point

  9. Spr.l says:

    i mean idk if anyone has noticed but COD usually get leaked in may ?may? idk why but its always may the next cod gets leaked

  10. Im Batman says:

    A new game with battle Royal and mw2 that cost $90

  11. Why they always picking the worst audiences to test their games

  12. Way to put the effort in IGN

  13. It’s definitely modern warfare 4

  14. George Cruz says:

    Video of Eight Thoughts talking about MW4.

  15. Mike Money says:

    Bring SOAP back lol and captain price is alright I guess………and one man army ,ump & ac130 chopper gunner

  16. Charibasa says:

    Why release another yearly COD when you just made your last one a live service – I don't get it!?

  17. Judaichi says:

    Just give me MW2 Remastered WITH ONLINE PLAY! Is that too much to ask for?

  18. Mako Eyes says:

    Cod died 9 years ago for me.

  19. We already knew this. This is just confirming what we already know

  20. Wow i knew you guys are lazy but you’ve dropped the ball by not even adding music. What’s next? A black screen with subtitles?

  21. downphoenix says:

    MW4 will be interesting to see. I really hope it has a great single player campaign and in general marks a solid return for Infinity Ward.

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