This Is What I Can Do With A Flintknock… #Releasethehounds



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20 Replies to “This Is What I Can Do With A Flintknock… #Releasethehounds”

  1. tøppy says:

    Bet you can't pin this with your nose

  2. ツJayro says:

    Still here till u hit 10k brother much love❤️‼️

  3. Nastox says:

    Just headshotted the like button

    With a flintknock ^_^

  4. Zerostone says:

    Shhh don’t tell epic, they will vault the flintknock just like the hunting rifle

  5. Arcc Zai says:

    I can do better by hitting the like button

  6. HJJ4 says:

    Bet you can’t heart this with your toe

    If you can hunting rifles will come back

  7. Snaizy says:

    Yo bro ur nasty man dm my Twitter @YoSnaizy I would love to have u in my team

  8. Sw1ft Ghost says:

    Nice vid your a god

  9. Para Migi says:

    So goated ??❤️

  10. You can do anything with any gun:)

  11. RaidFn says:


  12. ITSDL says:

    When are you making a clan

  13. RaidFn says:

    NOTI GANG ❤️❤️

  14. Drew Fielder says:

    Wanna see what i can do with flintknock?

    Pickaxes someome

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