THIS SKIN GIVES MORE DAMAGE… (NO JOKE…) (Pay2Win Geometry Skin) | Call of Duty Mobile Tips


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47 Replies to “THIS SKIN GIVES MORE DAMAGE… (NO JOKE…) (Pay2Win Geometry Skin) | Call of Duty Mobile Tips”

  1. HawksNest says:

    Make sure to check int my video comparing the Type25 to the Ak117 and AKS-74u!

  2. Jolton Alpha says:

    I purchased the season 3 battlepass,seeing this video makes me hyped to get the type geometry

  3. Idk why everyone is complaining,the battle pass is like $5 like the crap?you can also get a free locus and an epic ak 47 tank skin,they added lot of free stuff in the game u can't get everything they have to make money to make the game better Ik the spins are really expensive but like?it's not about a gun it's about the skill of a player so stop complaing so much

  4. Jax Wyvern says:

    2 words. Long Barrel

  5. apóvlitos says:

    Motion to put only no skinned guns in ranked

  6. Cesur Yavuz says:

    Hey I am really happy that I found your Channel. Your content is awesome! I really appreciate the way you explain things and especially the weapons and how they shoot etc. that really helps me sometimes to choose the right between 1 or 2 if I’m not sure.
    Anyways just wanted to thank you man‘
    You’re doing an awesome job here!
    Keep on with this

  7. This skin is so expensive that there were 2 adds in the beginning and one at the end. ??

  8. Wait… Can i even get it? :/

  9. G. Mahler says:

    They ruining the game!

  10. Pump says:

    Cmon, its not at all pay to win 😀 it will not help you if you are bad

  11. Prezz says:

    I got the Type 25 geo. Im in a doubt. The normal Type 25 feels better. Geo is nice but I miss the speed up in the start.

  12. Is the ak47 bug fixed???

  13. afrokidd214 says:

    Do HBR vs Type25 Geo comparison

  14. Brobi V2 says:

    Isn’t that the longer range for purple gun

  15. Isnt it obvious tho ? More range equals less Time to kill at long range

  16. santi moya says:

    Ak47 or type geometry ?

  17. demoneye says:

    Make that perk on normal type 25 or give type 25 a perk done

    I'm broke af I'm waiting for someone I know to give me money to get that type 25 skin ? presumably my dad

  18. Jerry Mouse says:

    What is that intro song!

  19. 빛Moon says:

    oh no
    there will be ALOT of kids will start crying again that the game is P2W?
    (P.S in s2 here in asia there are kids crying that the game is P2W and the ICR are OP
    and now it's free and available they say it's weak?)
    welp i don't really care much
    i could use any type of guns and enjoy it?
    right now shotgun is the best?
    also it helps me more to get accurate aim
    because if you miss with the shotgun ur ded

    my english sucks

  20. love the effort you put into sharing the findings ?

  21. No wonder my type 25 neon tiger feels inferior to the geometry skin

  22. Josiah Lee says:

    Bro said a couple dollars lol not in my country

  23. Esdras FF says:

    Hauknest you use war machine on video plis

  24. Cardheon says:

    With the HG-40 Lava theres a bug with the suppressor that causes it not to deal damage some of the time

  25. Niles says:

    I'm not seeing a future for this money hungry pay to win game and we never asked for any pearks or different guns with which free players can't use!
    It was a great game but going to die soon

  26. Punisher says:

    So actually battle pass costs 5$, it's kinda not as much p2w

  27. imo they should remove ALL skin perks from ranked mm

  28. I thought that was what “increased firing range” does. It increases the damage for all ranges because the bullets can travel farther to do more damage and therefore faster. Am I missing something? But I don’t think the firing range should be increased in the first place.

  29. i fucking love this gun it arguably has the best ironsights

  30. Vasko CS says:

    Don't say to nerf the gun again and again , because of yall youtuber . Said , 'this gun need nerf need nerf' stfu dweeb just play .

  31. Why do people complain about how cod mobile pay to win, like guys the game is free

  32. I noticed that the hip fire on this type 25 geometry is very accurate. The spread is not much . OP

  33. Slippery slope in my view

  34. Hasan Iqbal says:

    How do you aim so accurate. And please dont make a long video about it just show your settings.

  35. Hasan Iqbal says:

    So many try hard players and hackers smh.

  36. Surchaufeur says:

    Oh no please i left all of my games because of the pay to win shit. Its just so unfair

  37. RJN 132 says:

    "Very cheap battle pass"
    In Trinidad its 60 dollars and it sounds easy but its not

  38. Is the ak47 glitch fixed? Or is it still bugged

  39. i lost 10 ranked matches in a row because of the s36 spam

  40. Almighty says:

    Why is evryone hating on p2w players arent they spending their money for a reason?

  41. David Ezzat says:

    COD mobile need to hire you man

  42. Zen Waichi says:

    im done with this channel go to hell with your stretched content for views and clickbait titles.

  43. TRunks368 says:

    Would it be possible to play together? If some of U guys want chek out the chanal

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