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Call Of Duty

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What do you guys think of the newly buffed SMG in CODM??

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28 Replies to “This SMG was secretly BUFFED!!!! | Call of Duty Mobile | COD Tips”

  1. Paul Owens says:

    I figured out a glitch to sneak controllers into mobile only lobbies it’s honestly super simple it definitely works. Lmk if you want me to send you the info so you can get it patched. definitely works in ranked

  2. Joy Bajwa says:

    Bro I'm not kidding, the RUS SMG got nerfed.

  3. 1less77 says:

    It is pronounced chi…rhymes with sky….com….it is an abbreviation for Chinese communist

  4. FuriousPL10 says:

    The Chicom was not secretly buffed

  5. can you do this type of video in BR bro?please

  6. David Smith says:

    Hey Hawk one other thing. The rare version say you get bonus for double kills. How’s that gonna happen with this gun. Kinda tough if you ask me.

  7. Rob K says:

    It's pronounced Chī-Com, as in Chinese Communist. It's an antiquated, possibly racist term, but there it is.

  8. Fhaiter says:

    hawksnest sniped better than me

  9. CluxSushi says:

    I don't think I'll ever read the patch notes again

  10. Hooter Texas says:

    This gun shreds. Better than the pharo

  11. Omzy Gaming says:

    Can somebody play me plz

  12. Jerry Theo says:

    I pronounce it shi-kom

  13. Jerry Theo says:

    I pronounce it shi-kom

  14. Noel De Asis says:

    Pharo: Ah our battle will be legendary.

  15. Tribe gaming in cod !!???……i didnt know !!

  16. Chai/chay means tea in Hindi and Russian the gun pronounce isn't that hard

  17. If you go to BR and mark a gun you will know the actual pronunciation of the guns name..

  18. Rigo Guevara says:

    I was literally just playing COD Mobile right now using the Chicom, no wonder it was shredding🤭🤭🔥

  19. An SMG gets a buff and the sweats and meta whores salivate what else is new🙄

  20. David Smith says:

    You call that a buff. Gun is still the worst on the block!!!

  21. CaptainCBass says:

    Eww you actually wasted money on the moonstone skin.

  22. I love that gun man!

  23. Cxrlvs says:

    I’m happy i watched this before I went to to use it because I have the CQB Chi on

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